Blue – Big Bang MV

Sorry for the late post! Not that you were hanging on me for Big Bang updates. But VIPs! This is it! Here is the music video for Big Bang’s title track, Alive. It is so subdued and mellow and I LOVE IT! I am a VIP so I am super biased and I know other groups can do this too but it just goes to show how diverse their range is. Big Bang not only produces, mixes and sings infectious beats (Oh come on, Number 1? With You? And every other dance song they have?) but they are also FRICKIN’ great with like I said, mellow songs (Love Song? Tonight? Cafe, in which I cried listening to?). Sorta R&B you might say but I do not know musical genres so there, I’m leaving it to the table.

Anyway, I need not reiterate again but the song and the music video is just plain great. I mean, maybe I need a few more listens to be obsessed with the song but I know I wanna listen to it again and analyze it grit by grit. As for the music video, I mean, who ever thought that it’s gonna be some low-budget music video? Of course no one because this is Big Bang and I believe a huge part of YG’s money really goes to making music videos. Haha! The setting is pitch perfect and I just wanna be there even if it’s all gloomy if I have Big Bang. Hahaha!

Anyway, minor gripes section! So who was completely meh about the girl? Why did they get a foreign girl? And sorry but I don’t think she’s as pretty as some of their previous MV girls. Hahaha! So anyway, and maybe it’s just that I hate girls near Big Bang *rageyfangirlwithapitchforkinhand*. Haha! And what the hell is Taeyang wearing? Zebra pants? Bandanna whatever? I cannot comprehend. And Seungri’s “Spock” hair is making me laugh seriously. Hahaha!

Anyway, it’s been so long since I’ve posted an MV I think, that is not for #nowplaying and definitely not by Big Bang. Big Bang, welcome back again and you know that I’m a VIP forever, even if I’m not really into Kpop anymore like I used to. Big Bang hwaiting! I know you’ll win everything. Though, can you come over the Philippines? Please? ❤

EDIT: So ever since publishing this post, I’ve been listening to it on repeat. Then Sarah shared the lyrics translation and I simply cried. I mean, true, real tears. The lyrics were really poetic and just plain sad. I’m singing my blues~ Big Bang is the best. ❤ I mean, I CRIED.

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