Tell Me Why I Have to See This on Valentine’s Day of All Days

The music video was released a week ago but I just really have to see this on Valentine’s Day, eh? My mood needs to turn sour on Valentine’s Day, is that it? Here is the music video of Jung Jae In’s No One Else But You with Lee Won Geun playing as her love interest in the MV. I just have to see Lee Won Geun, my most recent crush, lock lips and do couple and lovey-dovey things on Valentine’s Day, huh? I was pretty happy today because I finally downloaded this album I was searching for but I guess I’m never meant to be happy (#dark haha exaggeration) and I have to see Lee Won Geun kissing someone. Huhuhu I know, I need to be a mature fangirl but why now? And why him? I am still too attached to him. Oh well, he still looks mighty fine and handsome but HUHUHUHUHU. Why don’t you just rip my heart out, will you? I actually don’t have the will to watch the video because I’m just going to end up hurt. Ha! Sadface.

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