Eye Candy #2: Stefan Simon

He’s cute, isn’t he? Just saw him before while randomly surfing Male Model Scene and he just struck me. He looks so young and I bet he’s still young. Nice body, expressive actions, model features, just plain great-looking guy. Woooo for hot guys my age! But what struck/shocked me most was the next picture where he completely looks like a kid and that I might be committing a sin for having a crush on him. Haha! Anyway, his other photos are just simple but great. My style. Anyway, after staring at these pictures for so long, I realized that I’d star him as Roger Sullivan if Amy and Roger’s Epic Detour had an adaptation movie. I mean, he’s gorgeous, tall, with a nice body and a contagious smile. Sigh, my heart. Anyway, enjoy more photos under the cut!

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