Songs from I Just Want My Pants Back S01E02 Baby Monkeys

And to catch up for the premiere of the third episode tomorrow, I’m posting the songs featured in episode 2 today too. Enjoy!

Falcon – Credit Cards
Scene: Jason and Tina ride their bikes

Voxhaul Broadcast – Cheetah
Scene: Jason and Tina get to the bar

Cloud Nothings – My Little Raygun
Scene: Jason chats with the rest of the gang

Pepper Rabbit – Rose Mary Stretch
Scene: Back at Stacey and Eric’s apartment, Jason sits on the computer

Xray Eyeballs – Kam Sign Knights
Scene: Jason gets to work

Belize – Split The Bow
Scene: The intern tries to convince Tina to go on a date with him

Pictureplane – Trancegender
Scene: Eric and Stacey in bed

Beach Fossils – Face It
Scene: Tina hangs at the bar with the intern

Jay Reatard – I’m Watching You
Scene: Jason fist pumps, Tina hooks up with the intern

My Tiger My Timing – This Is Not The Fire
Scene: Stacey goes running

Canon Logic – Sirens
Scene: Jason rides Subway to his date

Royal Bangs – Slow Cathedral Melt
Scene: Jason meets fake “Jane”

Margo May – Love Somebody[FREE DOWNLOAD HERE!]
Scene: Tina hooks up with intern again

Beach Fossils – Golden Age
Scene: Jason tells bartender his story

The New F-O’s – Feel Good [Music Video]
Scene: Jason hooks up with bartender

Frankie Rose and the Outs – Little Brown Haired Girls
Scene: Stacey comes home to a new mattress

Custom Kings – Wild Leaves
Scene: Jason tells the gang about his bartender lady

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