Songs from I Just Want My Pants Back S01E01 Pilot

New show I’m watching! It’s a little racy/profane for me (they talk about sex ALL THE TIME but I guess that’s how they roll there) but I love Tina’s one-liners and all the pop culture reference. So I think I’m gonna stick around. I can always bail and just post the songs, right? Right. And since the show is from MTV, lots of music featured. And they post the songs with the scenes they were used so it makes my life easy. Yey for MTV! Go listen to the tunes, yeah. Anyway, enjoy!

Surf City – Headin’ Inside Scene: Jason rides his bike to the bar

Free Energy – Bang Pop Scene: Jason meets Jane at the bar

In Flagranti – Pick a Trick (Vocals by Amypop) Scene: Jason and Jane have fun with the fridge

Margo May – Hurricane Scene: Jason and Jane the morning after

Girls – Lust for Life Scene: Jason call the Thai restaurant

MNDR – Fade to Black Scene: Jason calls Tina

National Skyline – Get Lost Scene: Eating Thai food in Jason’s apartment

Electric Valentine – Binary Outbreak Scene: Lench’s rooftop photo shoot

Saint Motel – Puzzle Pieces Scene: Lench’s has a party

The Pass – Treatment of the Sun Scene: Lench’s has a party

Humans – Avec Mes Mecs Scene: Jason hooks up with a lawyer

Wavves – I Wanna Meet Dave Grohl Scene: Jason holds a boombox over his head

The Soft Pack – C’mon Scene: Song playing at Stacey’s party

Pepper Rabbit – Send in the Horns Scene: Jason finds Jane’s hair in the fridge

Wavves – Post Acid Scene: Final song playing with NYC skyline in the background

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