Neil Patrick Harris and Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s Short Play at hitRECord’s Fall Formal 2011

This was so hilarious. Neil Patrick Harris and Joseph Gordon-Levitt together in a short play that’s so funny? I am so hooked! I’ve been playing it nonstop (like a song) ever since I saw this a while ago (why did I only see this just now????) and I still laugh every single time. They’re such great actors and I love both of them (with the added ideal guy and forever crush with JGL) and this video is just amazing. Anyway, just watch it! They did a short play at hitRECord’s Fall Formal 2011 on what type of movie is love like. I tried transcribing the whole video but my ears are failing me but here are some transcripts I found in the Internet. They are so funny so you better just watch it because it’s all the more better with them performing it. Enjoy!

JGL: It’s like my life’s a movie. You know what I mean? Just…It’s just beautiful and so great, I just…I couldn’t be happier.
NPH: You know what? Fuck you, man. I mean you know I’ve been in a dry spell. I’m so glad that you’re so fuckin’ happy. Thanks for expounding on it.
JGL: I thought you were enjoying being alone.
NPH: Yeah. Really? Who the fuck enjoys being alone?

“You know what love looks like to me? A slasher film.”
— Neil Patrick Harris (to Joseph Gordon-Levitt)

“Love is a slow, boring, forty year long slasher movie starring Matthew Perry post-Friends.”

JGL: Fine, the world is doomed, but love is like a Western. You can whine all you want that they’re building the railroad and our days on the rolling plain are numbered, but if you can’t salvage some romance to savor, then…

NPH: Sure if you find romance in heartless, empty bitterness then love is a film noir and nobody wins in the end.

JGL: In the end, love is a happy ending.

NPH: Love is a tragedy

JGL: Love is a joyous comedy.

NPH: Love is a holocaust documentary.

JGL: Alright no, sure, please I want to hear this one.

NPH: I got a little carried away on the last one. I’m rescinding.

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