Preview for Shut Up: Flower Boy Band Episode 11

Monday, where are you? So excited! Can’t wait! Enjoy!

#nowplaying 5 O’Clock – T-Pain feat. Lily Allen and Wiz Khalifa

❤ Thank you to my sister for playing this song. Sigh. Imma listen to it more. Lily Allen and Wiz Khalifa!!

Lee Min Ho and SNSD’s Yoona for Eider SS 2012 Campaign

Who has a chemistry that of a rock and a curtain? Hahaha! Maybe I’m just biased because I never liked Yoona but Lee Min Ho! Lee! Min! Ho! ❤ Anyway, their individual photos are under the cut. Enjoy!

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SBS releases a Teaser for their March Shows, Fashion King and Rooftop Prince

SBS has released a teaser featuring its two new March shows, Fashion King and Rooftop Prince. I know I must be excited for Fashion King but I’m actually more excited for Rooftop Prince. I mean, I’m excited for Fashion King because I love love love Yoo Ah In but I love comedies and comedy is what Rooftop Prince is. So yeah. Suffice to say, SBS has got me for March. Enjoy!

Promos for Breaking In’s Season Two Premiere “The Contra Club”

Remember when I blogged it back then that Breaking In’s being renewed for a second season? Well, time flies so fast and we’re one week away from seeing the gang again on March 6 (7 for me). Sadly, this reunion isn’t that rosy-colored as Trevor Moore aka Josh and Michael Rosenbaum aka Dutch won’t be part of the gang anymore. Instead, they’re gonna be replaced by Megan Mullally as Ronnie, the new boss of Contra Security, and Erin Richards as Molly, her assistant.

I should be happy, right? Because Bret Harrison is still here and I miss him so much. But after seeing the previews two weeks ago (and yes, sorry, I’m only posting them now), I was missing the old gang. I love Cash and Melanie should still be there since she’s Cameron’s love interest but I think it isn’t the same without Josh and Dutch around. They are SO FREAKIN’ funny that, sigh. I’ll still watch the show but if the promos show anything, it’s like Bret Harrison gets put in the back-burner while it turns into a Megan Mullally show. Maybe that’s just me that isn’t happy about it because I honestly don’t know Megan Mullally and I don’t think I’d like her British assistant too. And what’s great about the first season was that yes, Bret Harrison gets top billing and he’s the lead, but in its essence, it’s an ensemble cast. But now it seems like Megan Mullally’s the center of the show. I hope that’s just in the previews or at least just in the pilot. I maybe biased but I generally dislike her character when I see them in movies and shows. Oh well, here’s hoping that I can still find enjoyment and love this show amidst the changes. Everything and everyone’s gotta grow, I guess.

After my dramatic rant, here are two more promos: here and here! Enjoy?

Alone in Love – Lee Seung Gi MV

Park Shin Hye stars in this music video and oh my, Lee Seung Gi and Park Shin Hye must make a drama soon! They look so good and cute together! I am spazzing here, guys! Anyway, this is Part 1 of his Japanese single and Part 2’s coming soon. Enjoy! (Plus, a cameo from Joo Sang Wook, who seriously looks good! <3)

Sneak Peek Videos of Revenge S01E16 Scandal

Here are some sneak peek videos for tomorrow’s episode. Here’s one and another one. Enjoy!

Bad Boy – Big Bang MV

Sorry that I didn’t post it immediately as I saw it! I was drooling over and over again watching and my ears were perking up every single time. I mean, I mean, BIG BANG JJANG! ❤ I am incoherent right now, I love the song and I love the concept and I LOVE BIG BANG! I hope I can comment more but it impended my thinking and my posting it so I am not in the right state of mind, I guess. Haha! Enjoy! ❤

Laugh of the Day: SNL Sketch of Adele’s Someone Like You

Once again, thank you to Cel for sharing this to me. I was laughing so hard in a time when I shouldn’t even smile because of the pile of homeworks I have to finish. But I guess laughter really is the best medicine and now I’m more psyched than ever (vomits my own peptalk)! Anyway, what’s even funnier is that I can relate because Adele’s Someone Like You is my go-to lullaby and I know tons of people who cry to it. So yeah. Watch it and enjoy!

Preview for Dream High 2 Episode 10