Review: Up All Night S01E01 Pilot

A week ago, I was dearly missing Raising Hope. It was still on its winter hiatus and I just want a new episode because my Wednesdays were so lonely. No Raising Hope, no New Girl, no White Collar yet. So in my attempt to have another comedy ala Raising Hope, I downloaded the pilot episode of Up All Night, only knowing that it’s a comedy and that it’s about two parents raising a kid. What can I say, I love baby hijinks. Heehee. I was aware that it isn’t a Wednesday show but I just wanted a show somehow related to Raising Hope. Anyway, I watched it some days after while I was free and here are my thoughts.

With the tone set by the pilot, I don’t really think this is a comedy show. It’s pretty low-key for it to be one thought I did laugh at some scenes. Usually because of Maya Rudolph’s Ava. There were no laugh-out-loud moments and the scenes are more like amusing and grounded in reality. I guess what makes Raising Hope different from this show is that Raising Hope isn’t really slice-of-life and it’s actually over-the-top when you think about it. Maybe that’s why it’s so funny. But that show has tons of heart that you’re willing to forgo any unbelievable scenes because it just delivers. It’s great at what it does.

This show, however, operates in an entirely different manner. The pilot was sort of slice-of-life-y, in that there’s no plot yet. It wasn’t even showed that they always stay up all night. Well, maybe it’s because it’s just the pilot, so it’s just setting in and introducing the characters, so the episode isn’t plot-driven or even character-driven yet. I guess it’s just gonna show vignettes of their daily life. The pilot introduced us to our characters, to their work (or lack thereof) but until just that. I guess I need to watch more episodes to get to know the characters better and for me to love them. At this point, I like the characters, they’re easy on the eyes and on the heart. All of them are fun-loving and grounded people. No one’s crazy, well Ava might be but the good, funny crazy, so I am not irritated by anyone. I just wish Will Arnett’s Chris could have had more crazy scenes with the baby and I think that’s gonna make for some comedy fodder.

The performances of the actors were alright since I don’t think they have an intense role to fill. I mean, how hard could it be for Christina Applegate to be aaaaaww-inducing at the end when she just recently had a child herself? And how hard can it be for Will Arnett to hold a baby, push a grocery pushcart, play video games, be all sad and understnading and whatever he did in this episode? So I guess I expect them to deliver just that and they did. I just hope they can bring in the funny when they need to. And can I just say that Amy the baby is so cute!

Overall, the pilot was an easy watch, not ground-breaking at all, but not frustrating either. I guess I’ll just check back in when I finished watching the next episodes. I read that it gets better though it won’t get that funnier than I would love to. I guess that’s okay, if I’m just in it for a random easy watch. We’ll see.

P.S. I read that Up All Night had received positive comments from critics and even hailed as one of the best shows by some. I guess it isn’t that evident in the pilot? Or am I not getting it because I’m still, technically, a child? In the reviews I read, it really does get better so maybe I just really need to watch more. But meh, I wasn’t really all that impressed by the pilot so this will probably take the backseat for now since I have lots of shows to try and catch up on. I’ll prolly stock up on episodes and watch them all at one go. We’ll see, we’ll see. Only my crazily hectic schedule can tell. Haha!

Photos courtesy of NBC and the interwebs

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