Eye Candy #1: Jamie Dornan

I’ve been wanting to have a picspam of Jamie Dornan for so long. But a “New Crush Alert” post would be inappropriate since I’ve been crushing on him since I watched the pilot of Once Upon a Time. But an opportunity showed itself and I grabbed it like it’s the last stock! (And now, I have a new post series, which I think would be seen a lot since I have crushes that I got lazy to make New Crush Alert posts for them. So now, they can be piled in the Eye Candy posts!)

I was walking around Shangrila Mall last Sunday with my mom and my sister when we passed by Zara and this big ass photo of Jamie Dornan. I was squealing “Jamie Dornan! Jamie Dornan! Jamie Dornan!” and bracing my heart as if it’s some nerve-wracking experience. Haha! I didn’t mind if other people heard me or thought I was weird because it’s JAMIE FREAKIN’ HOT DORNAN! Anyway, I explained to my mom and my sister that his character died on this show I watch and I have been so sad ever since. They just waved me off. Ha! I admit I passed again and again Zara’s store just to catch a glimpse of him. What, more like STARE. Haha!

As soon as I got home, I immediately googled it to find more photos from the same collection. But sigh, those photos were back from the Spring 2011 campaign. Is the Philippines late too with fashion campaign materials? Sigh. But at least I got to see Sheriff Graham even if just in a big ass poster. Sigh. Anyway, as promised, a picspam! These photos are from Zara’s Spring 2011 Campaign. Enjoy!

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