New Crush Alert: Max Schneider

If love is a sound, it would probably sound like this. So I’ve spazzed a little about Max Schneider in yesterday’s post here, so go check that out with his cover of The Script’s Breakeven. So now, a more detailed spazz post on this guy.

1. 19 years old (Once again, I feel unaccomplished.)
2. Broadway? Yeap. He’s an actor/model/musician. Yes, musician because not only he sings but he plays the piano and the ukulele and he makes his own too. Good stuff too!
3. He posed with MADONNA at 17 years old for Dolce and Gabbana’s Winter 2010 collection. I know, right?
4. He stars in the upcoming Nickelodeon original TV series, How to Rock, as Zander, the new guy in school who has it all, talent (guitar and vocals) and the looks. I say he TOTALLY plays the part! It’s gonna air on February 4 I think but I’m sure I’m gonna check it out even just for him. Yeah, this obsession is out of control.
5. He has such a GREAT and RICH voice I wanna listen to forever. It’s that good.
6. He is so ripped! 19 years old but with a body like that = hot. HAHAHA! (Click under the cut to see those abs and pecs. Heehee.)
7. He dances ballet, contemporary and hiphop. Actually he said in an interview that he goes to the gym and dances for 2-3 hours a day.
8. He’s artsy! He went to a performing arts school.
9. His jugular veins and muscles just appears when he sings and it’s just so manly (for me).
10. Curly hair! I love guys with curly hair.
11. Cheekbones! I wanna just touch them.
12. He rocks the pompadour, whomp, I-dunno-what-it’s-called hairstyle. As seen in the photo above and the video above and the other pictures I’ll be posting. That messy, curly, thick-at-the-front hair. Okay, I’ll just stop describing it because I’m failing at it.
13. He looks like a Logan Lerman but from an Italian descent. I dunno. Maybe that’s just me. Some people are bringing up that he looks so much like the Jonas Brothers and I can’t help but agree. Maybe that’s why Nick got him.
14. He’s just great. ‘Nuff said. (To the point that I already liked his FB page. Crazy, I know!)

Btw, here are some more of his vids you should check out!

She Will Be Loved (where you’ll get a front row seat on his uh-mah-zing side profile), Ordinary People (His friend, Nick Poulios, has MAD AND DOPE TALENT in playing the piano. His fingers are flying!), Forget You (While playing the ukelele!) Hit Me Baby One More Time (Ukelele cover!), Billie Jean (Once again, love sounds like this. ❤ His veins ❤ ) and You Don’t Know Me (the music video to his original song).

That’s just some and my personal faves so go check his channel for more because he has tons more to offer! ❤

Now, pic spam! All images are from the Internet because seriously, where else? Haha! Pic spam under the cut! No thumbnails because we must rejoice in HQ glory! Hahahaha!

Anyway guys, do yourself a favor and find more pics of him before he makes it big and you’re gonna be flooded with repetitive stuff. Anyway, I think those pictures are sort of enough for now. My wrist’s killing me now. Carpal tunnel, spare me. Enjoy drooling!

(Btw, more photos on his website HERE because I was so lazy to rip the photos off his site. The photos there are amazing, as with all of his pictures. More photos can also be found in his IMDB page here.)


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