Rurouni Kenshin Live-Action Movie starring Sato Takeru releases Teaser Trailer

I never knew Rurouni Kenshin is being made into a live-action movie! Anyway, I watched the anime as a kid but I can’t really remember much except that Kenshin has that X scar, thus the alterna-title Samurai X. Watch the trailer and see the anime come into life. Sato Takeru stars as the titular Kenshin and I am in awe of how similar he looks to anime Kenshin. It’s just so darn believable. Well, except maybe for the height since Sato Takeru is small and Kenshin is sort of tall and lanky. But I can get past that given the slick action sequence and editing and cinematography I have seen from the short preview of what’s to come. It’s just so awesome. I am so stoked for this! Rurouni Kenshin will hit theaters on August 25, 2012. I’ll be posting the stills soon and you’ll see just how much Sato Takeru rocks that X scar. Haha!

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