Recap: Body of Proof S01E01 Pilot

This post has been sitting on my drafts for two months now. TWO FREAKIN’ MONTHS. Now who wants to take a gander at my drafts to see how many I’ve been warming up, huh? Anyway, since it’s the holidays and I’m still downloading the finale episode of Suits, I decided to just write this once and for all. I hope I won’t bore myself. Oooohhh, foreshadowing. Ha!

I watched this on a flight heading to Hong Kong. I figured, maybe I’ll have a new show after watching this. So I opted for watching this rather than watch Modern Family or How I Met Your Mother. I wouldn’t say I regretted my choice but I didn’t end up with a new show either. Okay, so on with the recap!


We meet Dr. Megan Hunt, played by Dana Delany, a top medical examiner. We learn that she was one of the best neurosurgeons, until she was involved in a car accident. That accident left her with numbness in her hands and she ended up killing a patient on the table and was forced to quit. We also get to know what she’s like, for instance in the scene she goes up the crime scene and was told off by the investigator for getting in the way of the investigation. Basically, she’s that know-it-all, I-know-I’m-smarter-than-you person.

So let’s get on with the case. The victim, a young woman named Angela, was found dead in a marina after she went for a jog. Upon examination, Hunt sees marks on her head indicating trauma. She also notices weird bite marks on the victim’s arm. This does occur with tons of banter and cheesiness between Hunt and the principal investigator. And the kind of banter I do not enjoy. Though I should say that I love Megan’s fashion sense. Hee.

The protagonist of an episodic case drama usually have a partner and here, it’s in the form of Peter Dunlop played by Nicholas Bishop, who also works in the medical examiner’s office as a medico-legal investigator. Aside from being Megan’s ally, he’s also her confidant and we see this when he tries to help Megan figure out what to get her daughter, Lacey, for her birthday. Megan’s ex-husband has custody of their daughter and so Megan doesn’t really see her daughter much. I bet her ex-husband won custody because she doesn’t have time for Lacey given the nature of her job. I felt sympathy pangs right then and there.

Peter gets a call from Angela’s doctor and apparently, Angela was pushed down a flight of stairs by her then boyfriend and fell into a coma two years ago. Megan and Peter tags to the boyfriend interrogation and actually questions Tom the Boyfriend HERSELF. I know how the detectives feel right at this moment. The Boyfriend tells them that they fought and that he didn’t pushed her down the stairs. Megan deduces that since Angela was in a coma, she wasn’t able to tell anyone that Tom didn’t actually pushed her. Detective Morris is fed up with this intrusion and tells her to get out and let the ACTUAL officers do their job. She’s such a know-it-all who thinks she can do anything she wants.

Megan and Peter goes to speak to Angela’s parents. (See, she goes everywhere! In the marina, to the parents, in every investigation matter. Is that even allowed?) Megan learns that the marks are from a pit bull’s bite. Apparently, Angela was trying to save her dog from being attacked by the pit bull. They also shared that Angela was a workaholic and that she worked in a law office and basically had no personal life. But ever since the coma, she had been closer to her family more than ever. And ooh, she has Strep A.

Since she can multitask, Megan mulls over what birthday present for her daughter. She’s ready to buy an expensive handbag but Peter talks her out of it, telling her that she shouldn’t buy her affection but she should get Lacey something she’d enjoy. She’s touchy with her personal life when Peter accuses him of not knowing her daughter. She goes on to say how sexist it is that a man who works crazy hours is viewed as good provider while a mother who does the same is a bad mother. I feel for you, Megan. Anyway, he advises Megan to think of something that she got when she was Lacey’s age.

Megan suspects Angela of sleeping with a married man and deduces it with the help of a loose-lipped friend that it’s Bradford Paige, one of the big partners at the law firm. However, when they go question him, Megan offends him, leading her to be kicked out of the interview.

The police thinks it’s the boyfriend but Megan begs to differ. They find some other evidence. Angela has seemingly been involved in a case at the law firm regarding a dog mauling a kid. They think that maybe the kid’s dad was bitter about it because the law firm won the case. However, at the family’s home, Megan figures out something of importance. Though the family lost the dog case, Angela had gone behind the firm’s back and gave the father evidence that was left out of the case, in that the dog was a trained attack dog. This would be very helpful for an appeal and for the family to win the case. Megan and the police immediately think back to Paige because he could have found out about this and got angry.

Megan goes to the lab to run some tests on Angela’s stomach. And since lab results would take time, she first goes to drop off her gift to her daughter’s birthday party. It’s a key to her apartment and offers her to come anytime.

Megan goes to the lab to check the results of the test regarding the contents of Angela’s stomach. They find traces of amoxicillin, when she’s allergic to it. Megan tells the police to meet her at the Paiges with a search warrant. Since you can’t really do that (I think), they show up with nothing and Megan has to get creative. When Paige opens the door, she gets him to come outside and asks him if he loved Angela. He says that he did and then his wife comes outside and everything just falls into place. Megan realizes that Angela mentioned that she has strep throat to Mrs. Paige and by the slip of the tongue, she also mentions knowledge that the Paige kids also has strep. That leads Mrs. Paige to the conclusion that Mr. Paige is having an affair with Angela.

Mrs. Paige is a school nurse, so she knows that Angela is allergic to amoxicillin since she’s taking erythromycin. She put her sons’ medicine in Angela’s energy drink and when Angela went for a jog, she went into shock, fell in the water, and hit her head. Mrs. Paige is thus taken into custody.

Megan goes to her apartment and there she finds Lacey has left her a piece of birthday cake.


Okay, so let’s do this. The pilot was serviceable but it didn’t want me to watch another episode. For one, it’s an episodic series so I think I don’t really need to follow the series to enjoy a casual episode or two. So about Megan Hunt, yeah. I have no qualms whatsoever with Dana Delany and I don’t even know her other works so I think she was good in this. But I think I do have a problem with the Megan Hunt character. Okay, so she’s a little bit like House, great but goes against EVERYTHING. Then she’s a little bit like Bones too. Gah, like many other people said, this show is like a hodgepodge of dozen other shows. Sherlock Holmes? Yeah, with that deducing skills Hunt has, yeap yeap yeap. I do admire her fashion sense though as I said earlier. Anyway, what other problems do I have with the show?

For one, I found it cheesy and predictable. I am serious when I knew what they’re gonna say at some parts. Then, the cheese. Ooohh, that “the body is the proof” motto she has, bleh. I don’t know why, maybe because I’ve watched tons of shows like this. Plus, this show isn’t even funny. I dunno with you guys but I like my procedurals/mystery with a little bit of humor too. I believe most people respond to humor. I mean, if you’re gonna give us some cheesy lines, then we ought to be given some comic lines too, you know, so we’ll cut you some slack. I dunno with you guys, maybe it’s just me.

And sorry, is she actually a detective? I doubt she can actually do that in real life. I mean, just going past the police line just like that? And why does every show on Earth showcases some GENIUS protagonist? I know I sound like a hypocrite since I freakin’ watch White Collar (ooohhh, greatest conman ever), Suits (oooohh, eidetic memory), House, etc (end of thinking capacity hihi). But there’s just a small number of that in the real world! (Are you stupid? That’s why they get a whole show about themselves, dumbass.)

Another one is that I don’t see a reason for sticking around. I have no interest in Hunt’s background and I honestly think I can do with what was already given in the pilot. As of now it doesn’t look like she’ll have a thing with Peter which I think will surely happen. So I don’t have a thing that makes me wanna watch. I don’t think the cases will be that really interesting with what I’ve seen.

Sorry if I appear like I’m bashing the drama. Well, I came across something today, what’s called Fridge Logic. It’s that while you’re watching the show, it’s so badass, it’s so cool. But when you sit down and actually think about it, it’s swimming in loopholes and impossible scenarios. That’s how I feel about The Vampire Diaries recently. I thoroughly enjoy watching the episode but when it’s all done, I start noticing the little cracks the writers weren’t able to fill. Same with Body of Proof. So for some logic fails, read them here!

I’m not saying that I didn’t enjoy Body of Proof. I did, a little, for what it’s worth. I mean, I guess anything you watch inflight is totes enjoyable than when you watch it at home. And Body of Proof is in its second season so what, that means people do enjoy it, enough for ABC to renew it. I guess I’m not a part of that crowd and my relationship with Body of Proof ended when my flight landed unless it turns out to be awesome and I hear some good reviews from my friends. But as of now, I won’t be watching Body of Proof based on what I’ve seen on the pilot. Or maybe, you know, I just don’t have time for any new show. Ha!

(Oh God, how can I write this long and fast? I’m just short of less than a hundred words to reach 2000 words. And how can I write when I force myself. I could have done TONS AND TONS of reviews and recaps if I just had the enough will. And oooohhh, great. My Suits download is done! I can finally finish this baby!)

(Photo credits to ABC)

(Written on December 21, 2011. Scheduled post baby!)

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