Ishihara Satomi and Seto Koji star in Sadako 3D

Filming for the upcoming horror film “Sadako 3D” has finished last December 16 and it stars Ishihara Satomi on her first lead role in a horror film and Seto Koji as her boyfriend.

The movie is an original story revolving around Sadako, the iconic character of the “Ring” series. Ishihara Satomi plays the role of Ayukawa Akane, a teacher at an all-girls school. She hears a rumor about a video of a suicide that was submitted to a video website. Soon, one of her students dies in a mysterious death, as with other people in other areas. The police declares the deaths as a suicide but that all of these people watched the said video before their untimely demise.

Seto Koji plays Ando Takanori, Akane’s web designer boyfriend.

“Sadako 3D” is directed by Hanabusa Tsutomu, who directed Koukou Debut. “Sadako 3D” is slated for a May 12, 2012 premiere.

credits to tokyograph

Can’t say I’m gonna watch this one but I just saw this news and well, since I have nothing better to do, decided to post it since it interested me a lil bit since I like Satomi in her past projects.

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