Color of Woman’s Yoon Joon Soo played by Jae Hee = LOVE!

Here goes my first impressions after watching the first two episodes: I love his character! He’s so smooth and suave and intellectual and bicker-y and banter-y. Plus, Jae Hee’s playing him so well. I recommend Color of Woman! Just finished episode 2 a while ago. Granted, I skipped a lot of parts since I’m waiting for softsubs before downloading the file. I just watched Jae Hee’s parts, hihihi. I’d like to do some recaps but since I always say that but I haven’t done most of them, I won’t promise. It will come when it comes. Plus, subs are more than a week delayed so yeah, if I do recap this, it will be a week late. Anyway, I recommend Color of Woman! It has such a breezy tone that I love plus Jae Hee and Shim Ji Ho are such cuties! Let’s not forget the women which I like too! Go go go stream it at ViKi with English subs! 🙂

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