White Collar’s Season 3: Back on January 17!

Yeap, you read that right. Our fave bromance of Neal Caffrey and Peter Burke will be back next year on January 17 (18 for me). Excited is an understatement. ❤

Below is the promo for new episodes of White Collar’s Season 3 and it is AMAZING.

There’s a lot of info spitted out at a fast pace so you have to listen to the little things in this promo video. But I after watching it, I WATCHED IT AGAIN COUNTLESS TIMES. I just miss Neal and Peter and Mozzie so much and I am so intrigued by what’s gonna happen! Plus, using that scene wherein Neal jumped out of a building in a parachute, the video became very appealing and it really grabbed my attention and made me realize that Season 3’s coming back and that I must feel very itchy to watch it! Haha! Anyway, enjoy it because I sure did!

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