New Crush Alert: Kim Han Su

And yeap, he looks like Sung Joon, the guy who played Kang Ji Hwan’s younger brother in Lie to Me. But I think Kim Han Su is more model-y, with more defined cheekbones to boot. Haha! He got the Model Trifecta: insanely tall, great body, chiseled features. I can’t ask for more!

I first saw Kim Han Su at a photo in W Korea’s spread for Dolce & Gabbana’s cocktail party. I’ll be posting that photo and the photoset it came from tomorrow. Anyway, I was drawn to him immediately. I am powerless with tanned Koreans.

Have you wrecked your keyboards yet with drool? You’re welcome. And to reward you for staying, mini picspam under the cut! (I can’t post all photos since I’m planning to post them per feature. 😀 ) [Btw, the two photos above are from GQ Korea April 2011 issue.]

From GQ Korea April 2011 Feature entitled Somewhere

From GQ Korea June 2011 Feature entitled Me Myself and I

GQ loves me because it not only gave me one Kim Han Soo, but tons in one picture! Plus, GQ loves him because I think he appears in at least one feature EVERY MONTH. I’ll be posting some more photos of him and his features soon! This crush I got on him is intense I’m thinking of making a tumblog for him! (bad idea) XD

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