The Moon that Embraces the Sun holds its Initial Script Reading

Light has been shed on the cast of The Moon that Embraces the Sun. We already know that Kim Soo Hyun, Han Ga In and Jung Il Woo have been casted and now, from these script reading photos held last Christmas Day (sigh), we see Kim Min Seo (Baby-Faced Beauty, Sungkyunkwan Scandal), Song Jae Rim (Flower Boy Ramyun Shop), Yoon Seung Ah (Playful Kiss, All My Love), Nam Bora and Song Jae Hee. Song Jae Rim fits a badass warrior in my eyes. He’s already got the mane of glory to boot! Haha!

Kim Min Seo stars as a “stealth femme fatale”, one who looks pure and noble but actually has ambitions and will do anything to achieve those. I’m already having flashbacks from Baby-Faced Beauty. Haha!

Yoon Seung Ah plays a badass warrior (YOU GO GIRL) tasked to protect the shaman, played by Han Ga In.

Song Jae Hee plays Han Ga In’s older brother and Kim Soo Hyun’s martial arts teacher, Song Jae Rim as Kim Soo Hyun’s bodyguard (I TOTALLY CALLED THIS) and Nam Bora as the younger sister to Kim Soo Hyun and Jung Il Woo. The online community has been abuzz with the casting of Song Jae Rim because how was he casted? He didn’t say much in Flower Boy Ramyun Shop and we’ve been giddily guessing that it’s definitely because of the pre-grown mane of glory and well, it’s the era of the flower boys. Haha!

I’m still not sold with the Kim Soo Hyun – Han Ga In pairing and now that I see Yoon Seung Ah, I kinda wish for them to be the OTP. Now, that’s interesting! King falls for the badass warrior protecting the shaman, his first love. Hahaha!

MBC’s The Moon that Embraces the Sun premieres on January 4. Mark your calendars!

More photos under the cut!

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SNSD’s Jessica for W Korea

This is sorta late since this was the feature for November. Three more photos under the cut!

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#nowplaying What Are You Doing New Year’s Eve? – Zooey Deschanel and Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Is it wrong to want them to be together especially now that Zooey and Ben Gibbard are now separated? Haha! They’re close friends and all and they’re both amazing. But then I guess only time will tell. They’re so cute in this video and I like-turning-to-love Zooey’s voice (started listening to She & Him and digging it) and I love love love JGL’s so perfect! I have been spazzing about JGL’s voice ever since I heard him sing in (500) Days of Summer and his cover of Blind Love by Tom Waits and all of his covers in those HitRecord shows. ❤ Anyway, they even had the time to make this video, it’s just so cute and aaaaaaaaawwww. Anyway, just watch it! ❤ JGL is SUPER CUTE AND ADORABLE at the end when he smiles so and giggles like a boy. It’s just the cutest thing ever maybe next to these kids. Haha! Btw, this post has been pre-written yesterday but it’s still valid since I’m still listening to it now and it’s more applicable since it’s New Year’s Eve today! And the original is by Nancy Wilson, if anyone wants to know. 🙂

Allure Korea December 2011 Feature: Red Amour

Red is the color of festivity! But seriously, this set of photos is so captivating. Maybe it’s the vibrant red that does me in but this is just good. Red clothes, red lipstick, red tattoo (?), red flowers. Red dress versus a white wall. And the dark aura, just fits. Everything meshes well. Thumbs up! More under the cut!

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Songs from Revenge S01E06 Intrigue

Full Moon Song by Peter Bradley Adams
Scene: Nolan visits Jack and Declan at the Stowaway.

Waltz For The Faithless by Peter Bradley Adams
Scene: Emily and Daniel on a double date with Ashley and Tyler.

You Take Everything For Granite When You’re Stone by The Strange Boys
Scene: Declan asks Jack for money.

Second Friend by Megafaun
Scene: Daniel shows up late for work.

Bloodhound by The Donkeys
Scene: Declan tells Jack to do something about Emily and then Jack decides to go to the party.

Catamaran by Allah-Las
Scene: Tyler shows up at the Stowaway while Daniel is working.

No Nostalgia by AgesandAges
Scene: Daniel starts to get dizzy at work.

Anyone’s Ghost by Silver Swans
Scene: Jack finds Daniel passed out; Declan and Charlotte kiss; Frank and Victoria talk on the phone.

Preview for Wild Romance Episode 1

Bring on the physical comedy! Hahaha! I just wanna see Lee Dong Wook and Lee Shi Young unhinged and kicking each other’s asses. Haha!

Wild Romance premieres at KBS on January 4.

New Crush Alert: Ezra Miller

I think the photos speak for themselves. Haha! But seriously. I’m not ready to admit yet but I think that the only reason I am watching his scene in the pilot episode of Royal Pains again and again is because of him and not because it’s the highlight of the episode. And I also think that he’s the reason I actually liked the pilot to hastily download the second…and the third episode. Oh no, this is gonna bite me in the butt when he stops appearing in Royal Pains. Haha! Anyway, the deets on this guy.

1. 19 years old
2. He’s the drummer of the band, Sons of an Illustrious Father, and they make some great music. He’s also classically trained as a singer and sang in an opera when he was six. (I feel so unaccomplished.) And, head over to the band’s site for some pictures.
3. He just might be the next or he is now the indie prince. What with his much acclaimed portrayal of a psychopathic teenager in the critically acclaimed We Need to Talk about Kevin and the list of his indie filmography.
4. He has portrayed confused or problematic or rebellious teenagers in his film and though some people are afraid he’s gonna get typecast, I believe in his career choices and I believe  that if he’s so good at playing troubled kids, why the hell not?
5.  He stars as Patrick in The Perks of Being a Wallflower with Emma Watson and Logan Lerman. Stoked!
6. There’s a lull in his voice where I just wanna drown in. ❤

But this is what cemented this obsession I have on him right now. Because in an interview HERE, he said this when asked why he loves movies:

“Movies are the furthest heightening we have come to as a species thus far of creating mirrored reflections of the unreal realities every individual lives in relation to the universe. It is the ultimate catharsis, to see it played out in the reflection. It is the ultimate joy. It can be the ultimate terror. It can be anything. It is the empty puddle of reflection that can harbour any image. That’s why I love movies.”

I was commenting on how deep this person is and what an old soul he is while reading the interview but when I read this last question and his answer, I just had to read MORE interviews of him and I admitted that he’s my current it boy. His band’s lyrics are so deep too that you can’t help but be bewildered that they’re almost just my age but they think those thoughts. Read the interview I linked and be amazed at his answers. I’ll be posting it soon but I read his interview with Nylon and they said he speaks precisely so and doesn’t use uhms and yeahs. Oh my, even JGL says a lot of uhms and yeahs. Haha! Sorry but can’t help but compare them since JGL also gives kickass interviews. Plus, I read that he reads quantum physics on his days-off and that’s coming from someone who dropped out of high school (truly proves that not finishing school doesn’t mean you’re not intelligent or something). How the hell does he understand that? (I mean I do understand it but I guess I’m just part of the majority who won’t read quantum physics if it’s not needed.) And he’s an activist I think and a general in-the-know-with-a-stance guy. Woah. My heart. I am just amazed and floored on how awesome this guys is.

(Sadly, I sometimes lose my crush on him because of some photos. I dunno, I guess I like clean-shaven Ezra more and not the unruly mane of glory he sports in recent times. Plus, his complexion I think has gotten worse I dunno why.  But even with my normal no-no’s, he still has this hold in me I can’t explain. Maybe because I’ve already seen his Kevin stills and that devilish stare is just for the books. Btw, he lives nowhere as I think he’s touring with his band on their van. Still, my crush was cemented with that very deep movie quote and I am sticking with this fandom!)

Anyway, I’ve been blabbing so much so it’s time for a mini-picspam (since I’ve used a lot already)! Click under the cut for more (especially what I saw in Royal Pains that grabbed my attention)!

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The Moon that Embraces the Sun releases Second Teaser

We finally see Kim Soo Hyun and Han Ga In in this teaser. Sadly, no Jung Il Woo. Anyway, Han Ga In is just so youthful that I can now see her paired up with Kim Soo Hyun. Not that I can see the sparks flying already but at least he doesn’t look like her baby brother. Haha! Enjoy!

The Moon that Embraces the Sun premieres on January 4 on MBC. It’s gonna butt heads with Wild Romance (KBS) and Take Care of Us, Captain! (SBS).

G-Dragon’s Bean Pole Limited Edition Style Book HQ Scans

O.M.G. These photos are SO GREAT I wanna buy this photobook. Once again. GD shows us who he is, which is encapsulated in this photo right here.

Not exactly in tiptop grammar but who cares? He is truly a fashion icon and a style leader. I remember watching an interview of a store owner in the fashion district of Korea (forgot the name of the place) that when GD wears something, all of the stores immediately replicate it and put the ensemble of clothes in a mannequin stat. That’s saying a lot to GD’s say in Korean fashion and let’s not forget the tour de force that he is in the music industry. GD forever!

Anyway, the scans are HQ so yey! I’ll just put them in thumbnails because there’s tons of of them under the cut. Enjoy because I sure did!

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Songs from Revenge S01E05 Guilt

Bugs by Emma Louise
Scene: Ashley arrives at Emily’s house

Get By by Little Hurricane
Scene: Declan sets the bar up while him and Jack talk.

Cheek to Cheek by Ella Fitzgerald
Scene: The Grayson’s and Emily talk; Lydia arrives at the benefit

Angel (RAC Remix) by Mr. Little Jeans
Scene: Charlotte and Declan talk while driving when a cop has them pull over.

Twice by Little Dragon
Scene: Victoria listens to Frank’s message; Emily and Daniel do it; Nolan watches the recording of Frank attacking Lydia.