New Crush Alert: Shawn Dou

 So I was having my daily A Koala’s Playground dose when I saw this guy and I instantly had a crush on him! Like instantly. Maybe because he resembles a crush of mine, Ted Fu of Wong Fu Productions. I had a Ted Fu phase before and I crushed on him so hard (and still crushing!). So I guess anyone resembling Ted Fu will be on my crush list. Hahaha! I am overly saturated with Chinese guys here in the Philippines but I will never get tired of darker-skinned Chinese guys or tanned Chinese guys. Or Koreans. Or Japanese. Any chinky-eyed guy that has a darker skintone than most of his kind, that I can’t and will not ever get tired of. Haha! But I still think Ted Fu is more good-looking. ❤

Shawn Dou is a relatively new actor who shot to fame with Zhang Yimou’s acclaimed Under the Hawthorn Tree back in 2010. That was his first project and was branded as “prince of lovers” by the media after portraying a man who loved purely and innocently. Now, this makes me want to watch that movie!

Btw, these pictures are stills from Shawn Dou and Janine Chang’s upcoming movie, Racing Legend. I tried finding pictures off the Internet but they sorta made me lose my crush on him so I’ll stick to these photos. Haha! More under the cut!

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