Chilling Romance releases New Poster

MIghty envious of those in Korea who can watch this when it premieres. This poster is so quirky and cute I wanna put it in my room. Son Ye Jin and Lee Min Ki’s chemistry is so palpable, I can see it and touch it right off my monitor. Haha! But seriously, they look so good together! And it doesn’t help that their characters are so adorable and made for each other. In this poster, their characters go on a date, but they’re not alone. Haha! Loving the colors, the outfits, the concept, everything of this poster. Nicely done, Chilling Romance. Nicely done! I am really hungered by the promotional goods you release every now and then.

Chilling Romance is slated for a December release. So fitting with the Christmas breeze! Awoooooo~



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