Get-to-Know-Me Thursdays #1: Happy Birthday!

So to kickoff this new series of posts I’ll be doing, which I’m calling Get-to-Know-Me Thursdays, here’s the first post. I just realized I wanna share about my life, whuuuuuut. Hahahaha! This is my lame attempt to shake things up (bleh). Anyway, this is my lame attempt to post something new and to have a weekly post thing. I’m planning on having a post per day but I have no ideas yet so please sound some ideas on the comments section! Music Mondays is common but I can’t do it because I’m not really a music buff and I don’t know a lot of songs. I need ideas! Anyway…

And the number 1 fact I’m sharing this Thursday is that, it’s my birthday! Weehoo!

Okay, so I was not able to transfer to my domain on time for my birthday but we’ll get there. I hope! And since it’s my birthday, I don’t want to blog so much, heh. I need time for mahself (pfft). Plus, I’m not even home I think when this gets published. And yes, I’m the person who schedules post way ahead of time. It’s fun! And it ensures that I have a post everyday. Hihi. Anyway, that’s all! Expect quirkier and weirder facts soon! 🙂


  1. Napansin ko nag-post ka na ng picture mo! Hahaha. Yan ba ang isa sa nagagawa ng pagiging 18? Mas maging confident sa sarili? 8D Don’t get me wrongggg, gusto ko ung idea na yan ung picture na pinili mo. 😀



    1. Nung minsan pa iyon! Bago pa nung birthday ko. Deh, naisip ko kasi, harmless naman iyong picture na iyan since di naman kita ang buong face ko. Haha! And in time na din for Christmas woohoo! Pero never ko pa din ipopost ang aking fez. Di pa ako ready. Hahaha!



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