Antoki no Inochi starring Okada Masaki and Eikura Nana Trailer

Why am I only seeing this now? WHYYYYY? Anyway, here is the trailer. Two of my most favorite people in J-ent together. /giddy Masaki’s acting just keeps getting better with every project! That’s right, good job, ~mah boy~. ❤ And the projects just keep coming! I think he hasn’t rested last 2010 and this 2011 because the number of movies he just did is insane! I am so proud! Onto the trailer, those tears and the way he just broke down. Then when he smiles, it’s as if it’s connected to my lips and mine also curve upwards. He seriously has a contagious smile. And I love it! And let’s not forget Nana who’s crying bucketloads too. When this girl cries, I cry too. I remember wailing while watching April Bride. *sobsob* Anyway, before I get too emotional (from pride and happiness for Masaki and from sadness due to April Bride), I’m gonna stop blabbering. Enjoy!

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