To my Favorite British Actor, Ben Whishaw, Happy Birthday

I must say that I get into my fandoms usually due to my superficiality (i.e. because some guy is handsome or cute or hot). But not with Ben. It’s because I am so enamored by his acting that I love him. Granted he is good-looking too, but I don’t view him as an “actor crush” but when I look at him, I see my “actor idol”. Seriously. It doesn’t hurt that he plays these damaged roles perfectly that I’m even afraid that he’s typecasted to those roles (thank goodness for Bright Star and The Hour for placating me).

And now, he’s filming for Cloud Atlas (I haven’t read the book but read reviews that it was awesome; the ebook is just waiting for me to read it!) and I love his hair there. Gah, there’s nothing this man can do that can make me unadore or unlove him. This fandom, although sometimes overpowered by my recent ones, is not gonna go away.

 To Ben Whishaw, more power to you!

I could go on and on but I have to sleep. ❤

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