Red Carpet Photos of Mah Boys in 2011 Busan International Film Festival

aka Yoo Ah In, Park Shi Hoo, Daniel Choi. Honestly, I haven’t watched a Park Shi Hoo drama but every time I see his smile, I just go weak. ❤ And I need not elaborate on my love for Yoo Ah In, yeah? Now this reminds me that I haven’t watched Sungkyunkwan Scandal too! Just read recaps yet I still love him so. That’s how intense I am with my second male lead syndrome. XP So, photos yey!

More under the cut! 😀

How can he look so cute and boyish then manly the next? Seriously, this guy is a chameleon.

Now, let’s get to Park Shi Hoo’s smile and boyish haircut! I am seriously digging his hair though he really looks tired, having just wrapped up The Princess Man then his fan meeting. Why does his smile make me so weak!

And cutie Daniel Choi! So adorkable ❤

I’m sure many of mah boys attended the event but these were the ones I saw at Dramabeans and A Koala’s Playground so yeah, didn’t bother to find more photos. Haha!

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