Songs from The Secret Circle S01E01 Pilot

Okay, so it’s so fun to post songs from series episodes or movies so here I am again, bringing you The Secret Circle! 😀

Young Blood by The Young and Famous
Scene: Cassie is driving at night and gets a flat tire.

I Go Away by MNDR
Scene: Cassie begins her new life in Chance Harbor with her grandmother.

A Heavy Abacus by The Joy Formidable
Scene: Cassie goes to the Boathouse Grill and meets Adam for the first time

We Won’t Run by Sarah Blasko
Scene: Adam drives Cassie home after he saves her from her burning car

Wrong Time Wrong Planet by Does It Offend You, Yeah?
Scene: In the dock party, when Cassie talks to Ethan

DNA by The Kills
Scene: Faye walks down the dock and makes it rain

Better Off That Way by Quickie
Scene: Cassie notices her neighbor watching her.

And as a bonus for my first The Secret Circle post, here are the songs used in the six-minute trailer (as linked)! Enjoy!

Young Blood by The Naked and Famous

Follow Me Down by Unkle

Power by Kanye West

Written In The Stars by Tinie Tempah

We Used to Wait by Arcade Fire


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