Challenge Accepted, Challenge Done

So I had this challenge to myself ala Barney to post everyday. And guess what, I did it! Granted I scheduled posts for the time I was away but I still prepared those with all that hard sweat and possible carpal tunnel syndrome. Hee. I have posted everyday this October and that is one giant step towards my goal to actually post everyday! One month done and counting!

Me Too, Flower releases Posters and a Teaser

Me Too, Flower stars Lee Ji Ah as a cop and Yoon Shi Yoon as the chaebol-parking attendant multiple-identity hero. It premieres on November 2 on MBC. Two more posters and a teaser after the jump!

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Special Halloween Message from the Cast of The Secret Circle

Oh God, that got me. Watch it and Happy Halloween!

Three Promos for New Girl S01E04 Naked

I seriously CANNOT wait any longer for this! My Wednesdays were really sad because I had nothing to watch. All of my Wednesday shows decided not to show any new episodes the past weeks and so imagine that! I was writhing in pain from the lack of comedy or even a show! Okay, that was an exaggeration but STILL! Anyway, enjoy these fun teasers! Schmidt is pure win, that’s all I can say. Well, everyone is! Btw, I love the coloring of the promos. ❤

Koibumi ~Love Letter~ – GReeeeN PV starring Okada Masaki

Above is the shorter version of the music video (PV as the Japanese calls it) to GReeeeN‘s new song, Koibumi ~Love Letter~. It features Okada Masaki as a young doctor (yeap, he’s even too young to be a doctor) who has romantic feelings for his patient.

This new single from GReeeeN has been previously announced as the theme song for Okada Masaki and Eikura Nana‘s upcoming movie, Antoki no Inochi (Life Back Then). The movie is directed by Zeze Takahisa and won the Innovation Award in the 35th Montreal World Film Festival.  Antoki no Inochi is set to be released on November 19 on theaters.

The single Koibumi ~Love Letter~ will be released on November 16. Below is the longer version of the PV. That means… more Masaki! ❤

And under the cut are stills from the music video and the album jacket for the single. Enjoy!

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Happy Halloween: Ian Somerhalder as Stefan of The Vampire Diaries


I know this was Ian Somerhalder’s Halloween costume for a TVD party last year but I wasn’t a TVD addict back then. For those who know The Vampire Diaries, Ian Somerhalder channels Stefan, played by Paul Wesley, here. Hahaha! He seriously got the hair right. MWAHAHAHA

Anyway, Happy Halloween!

Promo for 2 Broke Girls S01E07 And the Pretty Problem

I love this odd couple so much! They’re just so complementary and awesome and so girlfriend-y to each other. It’s just so funny when they team up for these plans. I was not that into it before because I dunno, when I watched the pilot and the first ep, I don’t think I was in the mood for sarcasm and cynicism but I’m loving it more every week. Can’t wait!

Promo for How I Met Your Mother S07E08 Perfect on Paper

It’s Slutty Pumpkin! Oh yeah! Katie Holmes guest stars as Ted’s the-one-who-got-away-on-Halloween, Slutty Pumpkin. Tuesdays are so feel good because of How I Met Your Mother and 2 Broke Girls. ❤

TOP’s Short Film “Brooklyn Boy” for Calvin Klein Jeans

Badass is badass. BAMF is BAMF. Gorgeous is gorgeous. TOP is TOP. This man. ❤

New Crush Alert: Jon Kortajarena

Hihi, now I know his name. ❤ I met him along the streets of Hong Kong. Ha! Met? More like I’ve seen his giant posters plastered all around shopping centers and sidewalks and wherever else back when I was in Hong Kong. Heehee. And I sort of had an immediate crush on him! My eyes went seriously gooey everytime I see his DKNY ads which is like everyday since we frickin’ stayed in Kimberley Road, where uhm, he’s everywhere. And I love that part in my Hong Kong stay!

And now that I’ve googled “dkny fall 2011 male model” and found out that his name is Jon Kortajarena, I’m one happy girl! Knowing his name means more pictures to ogle and drool on! Hahaha!

I just can’t believe how much cheekbone action is going on in his face! I mean, seriously, his cheekbones are Greek-godly. And I love it. Weird fetish fact: I love cheekbones! And I realized that male models mostly have defined cheekbones and every other angle possible in their face. Cheekbones, jaws, forehead, hairline, nose, ANGLES BABY.

Anyway, above is his DKNY Fall 2011 Campaign video. And yeap, under the cut would be the actual campaign materials aka ads aka the ones I’ve seen in Hong Kong. I know it’s almost winter but I can’t help it, I’m on a Jon K phase. More under the cut with some other pretty and handsome models! I especially love his photos with the boys. I think Corey Baptiste looks good and is so model-y. Jon and Corey for the win! (This might be the first time I had a crush on an African American model because he’s the first one that I know of. Hahaha!)

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