Man of Honor starring Park Min Young and Chun Jung Myung Releases Teasers

Above is Jae In’s teaser, Park Min Young‘s character. Below is Young Kwang’s teaser, Chun Jung Myung‘s character. Gah, CJM (aka PIE in the kdrama blogosphere) is so cute and adorable! ❤ Lee Jang Woo stars as the third wheel in this romance. Aaaawww, I love Lee Jang Woo! He sorta looks like Kim Jung Hoon and he’s adorable as Eunjung’s doting husband in We Got Married. *giddy*

Man of Honor (also known as Glorious Jae In) premieres on October 12 in KBS.

Btw, Park Min Young cut her hair for her nurse role! She now sports a bob. Here are some pictures! 😀


PhotobucketAnother teaser for y’all! 😀


Songs from The Vampire Diaries S03E03 The End of the Affair

I haven’t watched the episode. HUHUHU. I just wanna go home but I’m stuck in school because of a meeting and I have a birthday dinner celebration later. Flappers! So dapper! 1920s, gaaaaahhh. Flashbaaaaacks are love.

Gloria’s 1920’s Band “St. James Infirmary” [Can’t find this. 😦 ]

Christina Perri “Distance”
Scene: Elena wakes up to Damon

Ume “Run Wild”
Scene: Damon reads to Elena from Stefan’s diary as they drive to Chicago.

Gloria’s 1920’s Band “My Sweet Hunk O’ Trash” [Can’t find this. 😦 ]
Scene: Rebekah scolds Stefan because she wants to listen to Gloria sing

Pink Frost “You Should Know”
Scene: Damon asks Gloria about Stefan and Klaus.

Snake! Snake! Snakes! “We Come Out At Night”
Scene: Stefan and Klaus have drinks while they wait for Rebekah.

The Elliots “Blood Ball” [Can’t find this. 😦 ]
Scene: Stefan and Klaus talk and continue to have more drinks.

Nerves Junior “Kale”
Scene: Damon tells Klaus, “Honey, I’ve been called worse”

Birdy “Shelter” (The xx Cover)
Scene: Caroline cries to Tyler that her father hates her

Thousand Day Promise starring Kim Rae Won and Su Ae Releases a Poster

PhotobucketSO. PRETTY. It makes me wanna watch this show but I am restraining myself because I don’t wanna cry buckets. 😐 Plus, I love the leads. Argh, dilemma!

Thousand Day Promise premieres on October 17 on SBS.

First Teaser and Some Stills for Thousand Day Promise

Kim Rae Won and Su Ae in this melodrama. Gah, they look so in love. The sheer amount of talent in this is through the roof. I know that Dramabeans will recap this so I will spare myself from all the tears and tissues sooooo yeah. Stills under the cut!

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Songs from Awkward S01E12 Fateful

It’s the last episode of Awkward Season 1 and I honestly don’t want it to end. It was like a whirlwind romance. I started watching it Monday night/dawn then no electricity the next day so I wasn’t able to watch and I finished the whole season today. I’m glad I was spared the waiting for new episodes each week but it all happened so fast I am not ready to let go yet. HUHU *clingy fan*

Uh Huh Her – Never The Same [FREE DOWNLOAD LINK HERE YEY!]
Scene: Matty comes to see Jenna

Pop Levi – Mai’s Space
Scene: Jenna gets her hair did

Howlies – Sweet Denise vs. Road Rage Rhonda [FREE DOWNLOAD LINK HERE YAY!]
Scene: The boys play poker

Rachel Goodrich – Let Me Go
Scene: Jenna tries on the new dress

Boys Boys Boys – Casio Joy
Scene: Jenna gets picked up for Prom

Ellem – I Heart You
Scene: The girls get their prom pics

Boys Boys Boys – Ticky Ticky Boom
Scene: Kids at the dance

The Knocks – Dancing With The DJ
Scene: Pictures at the Prom

Pance Party – Rainbow Road
Scene: Sadie tries to sneak into the dance

Grace Potter & The Nocturnals – Hot Summer Nights
Scene: Everyone busts a move at the dance

Ellie Goulding – Starry Eyed
Scene: First slow dance of the night

Haroula Rose – Brand New Start
Scene: Jenna sees Matty at the dance

Ellem – Breathe
Scene: Prom Prince and Princess is announced

Pance Party – Mumble
Scene: Last dance of the night

Roxanne Emery – All That I Am
Scene: Jenna and Jake end the night

And MTV provided us a DOWNLOAD of some of the songs used in the season. Most of the songs I’ve provided a download link before except Favorite Two by Yael Meyer. Hope I’m not missing anything. Just download it, you guys. And that ends my songs from Awkward posts.

Songs from Awkward S01E11 I Am Jenna Hamilton

Shelley O’Brien – Turn To Spring [That’s a free download link, y’all.]
Scene: Matty hangs out with Jenna at her parents

Apple Horse – Grandfather Clocks
Scene: Tamara gets asked to prom

Imperial Mammoth – Culture Assassins!! [Can’t find it. 😦 ]
Scene: Jenna calls her Mom with the good news

Killabite – Wha-Chowt!
Scene: People read the letter

Telekinesis – Car Crash
Scene: Jake talks to Jenna on the lawn

The Kissaway Trail – New Year
Scene: Matty and Jenna talk in the hall

James IV – Ammunition
Scene: Jenna confronts Matty

Standfast – Devil
Scene: Jenna’s Mom shows her the dresses

Yael Meyer – All Around Me
Scene: Matty and Jake fight

Winterpills – Beesting
Scene: Jake walks through the halls

Eliza Doolittle – Nobody
Scene: Jenna talks to Jake about prom

Songs from Awkward S01E10 No Doubt

Those Dancing Days – Fuckarias
Scene: Everyone finds out Jenna and Jake kissed

Eux Autres – Under Rays
Scene: Jenna and Ming talk in the hall

6 Day Riot – Rise Above [Can’t find it.]
Scene: Matty asks Jenna out

Love Inks – Down and Out
Scene: Jenna and Tamara make up

Amanda Jo Williams – Homeheart
Scene: Jenna and Matty leave for their date

Royal Bangs – TV Tree
Scene: Jenna and Matty listen to the radio

Britta Persson – Meet A Bear
Scene: Jenna and Matty go on their date

The Antlers – I Don’t Want Love
Scene: Jenna and Matty on their date

Big Scary – Falling Away
Scene: Jenna and Matty get home from their date

Lightyear – It Beats [FREE DOWNLOAD HERE!]
Scene: Matty hangs out with Jenna and her friends

Erin McKeown – Santa Cruz
Scene: Jake makes a surprise visit to Jenna’s house

Christina Perri – Arms
Scene: Jenna writes in her blog and makes out with Matty

Songs from Awkward S01E09 My Super Bittersweet Sixteen

Watson 66 – Cowboy
Scene: The alarm clock goes off

Yael Meyer – I Wonder How
Scene: Jenna writes in her blog

Dinosaur Feathers – Young Bucks
Scene: Jenna and her Dad talk in the car

Yael Meyer – All Around Me
Scene: Dad drops Jenna off at school

Lenka – Roll With The Punches
Scene: Jenna’s birthday just gets worse

Emma Louise – Jungle
Scene: Jenna and Matty talk in the car

James Kerans – Heart of Gold
Scene: Jenna hangs out in her new room and Tamara hangs out with Ricky

A Minor Swoon – Shaken By The Resistance
Scene: Jenna goes through her box of belongings

Cary Brothers – If You Were Here
Scene: Jenna and Matty kiss

Songs from Awkward S01E08 The Adventures of Aunt Ally and the Lil’ Bitch

Oh Darling – Prettiest Thing
Scene: Jenna and Tamara hang out at Jenna’s house

Jack Dolgen – The Great Divide
Scene: The girls talk about the party

Yael Meyer – Used To Be [Can’t find it anywhere. 😦 ]
Scene: The girls talk to Ming about the party

Pop Levi – Blue Honey
Scene: Ricki Schwartz calls Tamara about the party

Grace Potter and the Nocturnals – Paris (Ooh La La)
Scene: Jenna’s Mom and Ali give Jenna a makeover

DJ Dan – Come On Get It [No Youtube link.]
Scene: Everyone at the Party

Bad Rabbits – Booties
Scene: Jenna and Jake talk at the Party

Pance Party – Let’s Get Invisible
Scene: Jenna and Matty talk at the Party

Lanu – Fall
Scene: Jenna talks to Ming and looks at the pictures from the party

Phantogram – All Dried Up
Scene: Jenna talks to Ali)

Dark Dark Dark – Daydreaming
Scene: Jenna goes and talks to Tamara

Songs from Awkward S01E07 Over My Dead Body

Those Dancing Days – Duets Under Water [OMG, I love this song. I placed the studio version although it’s on Myspace. To watch their awesomeness LIVE, click on the word live! :P]
Scene: Jenna finds out that she is Dead Stacey

Fake Problems – 5, 6, 7, 8
Scene: Jenna and Tamara talk in the hallway

Jack Dolgen – Daytime
Scene: Val comes to Jenna’s house and talks with her parents

Tiny Animals – The Moment [Available in the Season Finale Download Pack.]
Scene: Jenna writes in her blog and goes to Matty’s house

Geographer – Original Sin
Scene: Jenna meets Matty’s Brother

Faces on Film – Knot In The Vine [Available in the Season Finale Download Pack.]
Scene: Val makes an announcement during class

Pop Levi – Terrifying (For Kenneth Anger)
Scene: Val is dressed up as the Grim Reaper and “kills” Sadie

Pains of Being Pure At Heart – Heart In Your Heartbreak
Scene: The grand finale of the”CRASHED” school assembly and Dead Stacey Lives!

Pomegranates – Anywhere You Go
Scene: The aftermath of the assembly

Pance Party – Fun Factory [Available in the Season Finale Download Pack.]
Scene: Next week on Awkward