Ji Sung for M Premium Magazine

I will be honest and tell you that part of the reason why I wasn’t too keen on watching and subbing Protect the Boss at the start was that I didn’t find Ji Sung handsome. And yes, I am superficial like that. I watch shows even if the leads are not handsome but it’s just that, I didn’t know who he was and that hair seriously drives people away. (Plus, I also don’t know Choi Kang Hee and not really a fan of DBSK.) So I was really surprised to see how handsome he looks in these pictures and how a hairstyle can really change a person’s look. Now, what do I need to do with my hair in order to be pretty? Haha!


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Lee Dong Wook for ARENA September 2011


Oh, dayuuuuummm. The photos will speak for themselves. This guy… is just so gorgeous. ❤

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Gah, I just need to share this! Protect the Boss! <3


I am not one to post previews but this bromance picture must be shared. Gah! I love these two to bits and that’s even after just watching episode 2! They look so cute together, reading the script and rehearsing. If you’ve seen the preview for Episode 7, you’ll get the picture. If not, then watch it here!


Let Us Just Love – A Pink (Protect the Boss Soundtrack)

Can’t help it! The song is so cute and stuck-in-your-head type! I first heard this when I was editing the subtitles for Protect the Boss Episode 2. (Btw, our subs will hopefully come out really really soon. Our Final QCer for Protect the Boss has been busy and when she comes back, she’ll get back to it asap!) And since this song was used as the closing song and it wasn’t timed, I had to time it and I’m the slowest and worst timer there maybe is. It took me so long and I ended up listening and listening to it that it got stuck in my head! And now, I’ve been listening to this song for at least once a day. The video I posted has romanized and English lyrics for us who can’t read hangul that fast and who can’t freakin’ understand a thing. You know you want to listen!

Btw, I haven’t properly watched PTB but from what I saw in Episode 2, it is so damn hilarious. Me likey likey! ❤

Can’t Lose Long Trailer Released!

I’m actually at school, cramming information for my exam in less than 3 hours, so I can’t watch this. I’m finding every possible excuse not to study. But I must study!

Happy 5th Anniversary, Big Bang! <3

Happy 23rd Birthday, G-Dragon! <3


Continue rocking! Your swag is the best, GD. And continue being cute and adorable, with the fanning of your face and hiding your face in your palms when you’re embarrassed and the pouting here and there. And I seriously think you’re the most fearless fashionista ever. And your songs, so awesome. You are so talented, so proud of you. Love you, always and forever! ❤


Happy 18th Birthday, Yoo Seung Ho <3!

I was planning on doing this post yesternight and just scheduling it but I was TOO BUSY, TOO TIRED and TOO SLEEPY to actually do it. Really sorry. And now, I got home late. Anyway, it’s not about me, it’s about him. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY, YOO SEUNG HO! You’re 18 now! (And I’ll be 18 soon too! XD) I hope you’ll just continue being awesome and handsome (it rhymes!) forever. I am a fan of yours now and forever. Haha! Happy Birthday! 😀

Can’t Lose Behind-the-Scenes Videos

Keep ’em coming! Two BTS videos! 😀

Lee Yeo Won for InStyle Korea


She cut her hair! I think she’s cuter with shorter hair! And this photoshoot makes her look so playful and young! Lee Yeo Won in fall clothes! How I wish there’s fall here in the Philippines so I can also pile up! And can i just say that I love the kohl eye make-up on her! Basically, I love this set of pictures! ❤

More pictures under the cut! 😀

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