Antoki no Inochi Wins at 35th Montreal World Film Festival


Zeze Takahisa’s Antoki no Inochi (Life Back Then) won the Innovation Award in the 35th Montreal World Film Festival. The film stars Okada Masaki and Eikura Nana. The story revolves around Nagashima Kyohei (Okada), who works for a small company whose job is to look through, sort and dispose articles of the deceased. He meets Kubota Yuki (Eikura), who helps him with his work. Nagashima, who locked up his heart due to an incident during his high school days, slowly opens up to her until one day he discovers her shocking past. Antoki no Inochi will open in Japanese theaters on November 19.

So proud of Masaki! He absolutely chooses the best projects out there. Either they win awards or they rake in money and/or fans. He hasn’t done a movie that has failed. Matataki (Piecing Me Back Together) has been in the top 10 movies in Japan for several weeks within its opening. More power to Masaki! ❤

*The picture above is HQ so you guys can use it as your wallpaper. Like I did last last week? 😀

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