My Fall Shows They Are A-Premierin’

So excited! ❤ I need to fill in that black hole gaping in my heart from last fall. Haha!

90210* September 13
The Vampire Diaries  September 15
How I Met Your Mother September 19
Glee and Raising Hope September 20
Modern Family September 21
The Big Bang Theory*, The Office* and Grey’s Anatomy* September 22
Nikita* and Fringe* September 23
Happy Endings September 28
House* October 3
Chuck October 21
Bones* November 3

* = Not yet updated with the previous season.


    1. True! Especially The Vampire Diaries! Gah! I don’t know how I will downloading and watching all of these along with my dramas! And my laptop’s memory is diminishing exponentially! Let’s watch VD together and spazz about it then! :DDD



      1. And forgot to comment about Hellcats. I loved it too! But the story did dwindle and waver at the end so I can’t blame America for the low viewership waiting. But I was so sad because I ship Dan and Savannah so hard! Uhm, I just stream before but I realized I really love rewatching so I just download it. And it’s so nice to have a copy and have Damon anytime I want. Haha! 😀


    1. No, I don’t. I saw the first 10 episodes of the first season but I never got to continue it. I do read recaps and summaries once in a while but maybe it’s not my cup of tea? I generally don’t like shows that have characters that I hate. Haha! I love comedies! 😀 You can check my Drama, Movie and Book List page for the series I’ve watched. 😛



      1. lol this convi is turnin long! I already checked it, I am trying now to start any more new dramas till december because i will be starting school soon and my final exams are coming up, so i am trying to resist till then. already watchin 12 ongoing shows! controlling the addiction! 🙂


      2. Yeah, I was planning to say that this convo’s turning so long already but I figured, just let it continue~ Haha! Good luck on your final exams then! And I hope you can watch more shows soon! I honestly watch a little too but I still download them. Still busy with school. When my break starts, I’m gonna finish them all! XD If you have a twitter, I go there as whoopeeyoo. 🙂

        And I look forward to reading your new blog! 😀


  1. aww i already follow you on twitter, I recomanded koizara to you on twitter yesterday ;), right now i am obsesed with we got married! I love jin hoo of boys over flower and i am watching his part on we got married, he is soo cute and it is soo funny! give first ep a try, it is soo funny! aww thanks, looks like i already got my first blog follower 😉



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