Happy 22nd Birthday, Okada Masaki!



(And yes, he’s mine. XD HAHAHA!) 

Around four years ago, back in 2007, I saw him in Hana Kimi and immediately loved him. Which a few years later, will make me do a rash decision of putting up a tumblog dedicated to him. Therefore, it is very obvious how much I love this guy. Back then, he was just the ikemen Sekime or the Gundam guy. But now, four years after that, he has headlined tons of dramas and movies. Do you need me to enumerate? Might as well just check his DramaWiki page. He has also done tons of CFs, even one with Ken Watanabe. And just this year, he again has an onslaught of movies coming up. There is no stopping this guy to be the top star of his generation. He is certainly the “It” star in Japan, also proven by tons of surveys. He just gets you with his earnest look and how can someone resist this eyecandy? He has starred with Aoi Yuu, Inoue Mao, Kitagawa Keiko and a lot more female leads. And can you believe he’s just 22? Even I who knows he’s just 22 is shocked at the success he’s basking in now. Makes me feel so unaccomplished. Haha! I hope things will just get better for ~mah boy~ from this moment on. I do wish he perm his hair more. Haha! I love curly Masaki. ❤

And since it’s his birthday, let’s have a mini-feast of Okada Masaki! More pics from Vans Magazine Shoot after the cut! This set is one of my most favorite (’cause I love everything) set of pictures of him.




I know you all want more so just head over to fuckyeahokadamasaki@tumblr for more pictures and videos! I haven’t updated that much but if you backtracked, you will find gems there. There’s around 2000+ pictures for you to ogle. Haha! And you’re welcome. XD

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