Antoki no Inochi Wins at 35th Montreal World Film Festival


Zeze Takahisa’s Antoki no Inochi (Life Back Then) won the Innovation Award in the 35th Montreal World Film Festival. The film stars Okada Masaki and Eikura Nana. The story revolves around Nagashima Kyohei (Okada), who works for a small company whose job is to look through, sort and dispose articles of the deceased. He meets Kubota Yuki (Eikura), who helps him with his work. Nagashima, who locked up his heart due to an incident during his high school days, slowly opens up to her until one day he discovers her shocking past. Antoki no Inochi will open in Japanese theaters on November 19.

So proud of Masaki! He absolutely chooses the best projects out there. Either they win awards or they rake in money and/or fans. He hasn’t done a movie that has failed. Matataki (Piecing Me Back Together) has been in the top 10 movies in Japan for several weeks within its opening. More power to Masaki! ❤

*The picture above is HQ so you guys can use it as your wallpaper. Like I did last last week? 😀

I AM AN ARASHIAN Ballers For Sale! Php 150 Only!

My good friend here, Irene (@irnsnchz), is selling Arashi ballers for Php 150 only! Here is the design~

Please click the image for more details (it links to her Tumblr post). She needs 100 orders so that she can make the factories roll. (What am I saying?) Sadly, it’s only open for Filipino buyers. Huhu. So if you’re a Filipino and you’re an Arashian, do buy!

Click click click! Order order order!

A Still from You’re My Pet starring Jang Geun Seuk and Kim Ha Neul


Aaahh, why so cute? I can totally see the scenes! I’ve watched half of the Japanese drama, Kimi wa Petto, which is where this movie is based. (Technically, it’s based on the manga.)

Some behind-the-scenes photos under the cut!

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Trailer of The Musical starring Gu Hye Sun and Daniel Choi

Funny how I can’t refer to Daniel Choi as Choi Daniel per Korean name syntax. I dunno, maybe since he’s using Daniel, I like it when his first name goes first. Haha! /random

Anyway, here’s the teaser trailer for The Musical starring Gu Hye Sun and Daniel Choi. It’s a 100% pre-produced drama and it had been searching for a broadcaster for so long (a year, I think), that Daniel Choi was even able to film a drama (Baby-Faced Beauty) after filming The Musical. Finally, it will be aired! It premieres on September 2 10 pm on SBS, a Friday I know, an unusual timeslot for dramas. I think it won’t get high ratings due to the timeslot but I’m just happy to see it picked up by a network!

Gu Hye Sun’s character, Eun Bi, is a aspiring musical actress whilst being a medical student. Daniel Choi stars as Jae, a songwriter from Broadway. He reportedly learned how to play the piano for this role and Gu Hye Sun practiced her singing and dancing as well.

And as a bonus, three pictures of Daniel Choi under the cut! Seriously, I love adorkable boys! ❤

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#nowplaying Moves Like Jagger – Maroon 5 (feat. Christina Aguilera)

This and You Make Me Feel… have been playing in my head for days. Seriously. The three songs in my imaginary playlist: You Make Me Feel… by Cobra Starship featuring Sabi, The Icarus Account’s cover of it and Moves Like Jagger. Not healthy! Haha! I think this will continue for more days.

I embedded the lyrics video so that you can sing along! I got the moves like Jagger~ Adam Levineeee~

Omona! Jang Geun Seuk and Song Joong Ki Slumber Party!


I obviously don’t like that JGS hasn’t cut his hair even if Marry Me, Mary has long since been finished so the focus here is on Song Joong Ki. JGS, until I see those long locks of yours, you can’t expect me to love you fully. Haha! What about unconditional love? XD

I like Song Joong Ki with his super clean and neat image but OMG, I think I love gruffy Song Joong Ki too! It’s my first time seeing him with facial hair ‘coz he obviously shaves meticulously. Haha! You two, having your own slumber party! I think this picture will spawn tons of fanfics. Proof to the adage that birds of the same feather flock together. Pretty boys. ❤


Protect the Boss English Subtitles by Fighting! Fansubs Now Available

The subtitles to the our beloved Wed-Thurs drama, Protect the Boss, is now available at Fighting! Fansubs! Click the link to go to our website. We already changed domains so I hope no one’s having problems accessing it. At last, that problem is solved! Please like our Facebook page so you can be updated with the subs. And follow us on Twitter too for subtitle updates. Thanks! Enjoy the show using our subtitles! 😀

Sorry for the delay! Most of the members became busy. Wait for the Episode 2 release because I’m the editor for that! If you want to help us speed up this project, please join Fighting! Fansubs! Thanks! 😀

My Fall Shows They Are A-Premierin’

So excited! ❤ I need to fill in that black hole gaping in my heart from last fall. Haha!

90210* September 13
The Vampire Diaries  September 15
How I Met Your Mother September 19
Glee and Raising Hope September 20
Modern Family September 21
The Big Bang Theory*, The Office* and Grey’s Anatomy* September 22
Nikita* and Fringe* September 23
Happy Endings September 28
House* October 3
Chuck October 21
Bones* November 3

* = Not yet updated with the previous season.

#nowplaying You Make Me Feel… – Cobra Starship

I blogged about hearing The Icarus Account’s Cover HERE so I obviously need to listen to the original. I like Cobra Starship so I thought, why not? And I freakin’ loved it! The MV, really simple, with product placement even but that photobooth, I WANT! And halfway through the video, I realized that this is what Cherry (Happy Birthday!) and I heard on the radio some time before. We planned to google the lyrics but how can we google it if we only hear “you make me feel so lalalalala”. Haha! We also noticed that it sounds like Rihanna but it doesn’t feel like Rihanna. Now I know it’s Sabi and I like here! So I went from happy to giddy because it’s like I’m meant to hear this song. (Whuuuuttt?) And, let’s be honest, Gabe Sporta’s mullet hair is love. I don’t know what’s with my love for singers/vocalists with the mullet (Bruno Mars and A Rocket to the Moon’s Nick Santino) but I just dig it. As in I was smiling so hard just seeing his hair. Gah. ❤ Why am I so weird? Haha! Anyway, listen to it! Single drops on August 29! 😛