Oguri Shun and Okada Masaki to star in Live-Action Film of Uchuu Kyoudai (Space Brothers)

Oguri Shun and Okada Masaki will star as brothers in the live-action movie adaptation of Koyama Chuya’s award-winning manga “Uchuu Kyoudai”.

The story revolves around two brothers named Mutta (Oguri) and Hibito (Okada) who made a promise as kids to become astronauts and travel to outer space. While younger brother Hibito achieves their goal, Mutta takes a different route as an engineer. One day, after Mutta loses his job, a message from Hibito motivates him to keep their promise.

The movie will have some scenes filmed at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida next month, the newspaper Florida Today reports.

The movie is planned for release in spring 2012.

I love bromance so I might watch this. Masaki’s film, Gravity Clown/A Pierrot, is one of my fave Japanese movies and bromance and angst and mystery it is. ❀

Sources: Florida Today, Anime News Network

I don’t know what to post!

It’s been days since my last post. I’m always on WordPress and I’m on a constant lookout for blog-worthy topics but there’s just no new stills, no dramas, no interesting things that I know of. I don’t follow Kpop anymore and I haven’t edited a subtitle for so long. I only have 5 days left in my summer vacation and I’m now a junior (officially enrolled today!) so I wanna maximize these days by blogging and blogging and watching. But I’m too tired from my day activities aka enrollment. Oh well, I will do things tomorrow! I need to! I have to!

On an unrelated note, today has been a happy day! I’m officially enrolled and all the sweat I secreted yesterday finally paid off! I ate Zodiac’s BLT, hamburger and mango ice cream for lunch! I miss eating at Zodiac! ❀ The Dallas Mavericks won Game 4! I’m usually rooting for the underdog, hence, my very bad second lead syndrome. Hihi. A band that I email-ed replied to me just hours ago! <33333 This has been a truly happy day spent with friends. May life be filled with this. πŸ˜€

#nowplaying Running Up That Hill – Placebo

My favorite track from The Vampire Diaries Original Television Soundtrack. Except for Down by Jason Walker, of course. Whatever, I love both. Anyway, since I can’t find the lyrics to Tidal Crusher by Cavalier Rose, I just listened to this. At least I get the lyrics! This song is AWESOME. It surely evokes regret and pain and sadness that you just wanna hug the vocalist. You can feel the emotions in his way of singing that it’s almost haunting. ❀ Very fitting for The Vampire Diaries.

It’s a cover of Kate Bush but I prefer this version. I don’t know, I can feel the woes and the burden when I listen to this. Lyrics under the cut!

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First Teaser Stills of Beautiful Spy starring Eric and Han Ye Seul

I haven’t even watched Eric in anything but when I saw these stills, I just want to post it. And it made me want to watch this or read the recap. Whatever. Eric is so cool in this, gah, I’m fanning myself right now. And Han Ye Seul as a North Korean agent, SO COOL! I’m interested in the plot! I think they have chemistry and whatever, the plot the plot the plot!

Β Photobucket

Eric plays a Hallyu actor and Han Ye Seul a North Korean agent whose lives intertwine when Han Ye Seul’s character infiltrates South Korea! Her mission? To stop the spread of Hallyu Fever in North Korea. LOL. OMG, this is so gonna be epic! That or it will fail. *prays fervently that it will not fail* Rom-coms! ❀ Will definitely read the recaps for this one. I hope it gets recapped. *fingers crossed*


International Title is Beautiful Spy but the literal translation would be Myung-wol the Spy. Heehee. πŸ˜›

Adorable New Stills of Heartstrings starring Park Shin Hye and Jung Yong Hwa

PhotobucketGah, finally! In some alternate universe, Go Mi Nam and Shin Woo hyung will end up with each other. Don’t get me wrong, I shipped (and will forever ship) Go Mi Nam and Hwang Tae Kyung but I had this serious second lead syndrome with Shin Woo. So it’s nice to see Yong Hwa getting the girl here in Heartstrings/You’ve Fallen For Me/Festival (so many name changes!). HAHAHAHA

Click under the cut for the SUPER FLUFFY AND ADORABLE AND CUTE AND SUPER CUTE AND REALLY CUTE AND EVERYTHING NICE stills. Gah, Yong Hwa! I wasn’t planning on watching this before because I thought “nah, another music drama” but the stills made me excited! And Kang Min Hyuk will be here even if his role is not that big. ❀ I actually like Yong Hwa more now that I’ve seen these pics. (iz shallow like that)

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Love How It Hurts – Scouting for Girls Music Video

The music video for Love How It Hurts by Scouting for Girls is out! It was posted on May 27 but since I haz no Internet, I didn’t know. Posting it now! Aaaaww for the geeky boy, so cute! And how Daniel Desario in Freaks and Geeks played by James Franco is the bully guy! I love the camera used in this! The colors are so vivid and I approve!

Lyrics were posted before in this POST! πŸ™‚

Recap: Raising Hope S01E02 Dead Tooth


No one’s reading my Raising Hope recaps. I need to blog more and promote my blog more. And I need to promote Raising Hope! Everyone should watch this show!

Click under the cut for the recap with screencaps! πŸ™‚

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My nth I’m Back!

Gah, we finally have Internetzzzz! Yey! Though the router’s not yet installed so I actually have to share the PC with my bratty sister. At least I have Internet connection AGAIN! It’s been so long, I can’t imagine how I lived. Kidding. HAHAHAHA! It’s been sort of nice to be away from the loop for some time because I was able to watch lots of movies and series. It’s kind of a hassle though to miss announcements and everything. Let’s hope the halcyon days will never end. πŸ˜›

I actually wrote a recap to Raising Hope’s Season 1 Episode 2 so I’ll be posting that soon!

I’m in love with this song called Tidal Crusher by Cavalier Rose from their Primary Colors EP but I can’t find the lyrics anywhere and the band’s kinda MIA for months now. I am so depressed. T_T I totally love the song and they’re really not that popular as I checked their pages. But I found someone who reviewed their songs because Amiestreet linked him to them. It’s so cool because I downloaded the song from Amiestreet too before! But I just listened to it a few days ago while organizing my music folder and BOOM, I’ve never stopped listening to it. The vocals are so hauntingly beautiful but I only understand a part of the lyrics. /wrist FRUSTRATING!

Anyway, I’ll post more since I haz Internet! HUZZAH!