Zero Movies for June :(

I was way too busy this month that I had no time to watch movies. And, I guess I was never in the mood for watching movies. And I don’t have movies that I like to watch at the moment so yeah. It’s just half an hour before July starts and I suddenly realized that I wasn’t able to watch even a single movie for the month. Though I’ve watched tons of series for  the level of busy-ness I was under. Greek Season 1, Veronica Mars Season 1, How I Met Your Mother Season 6 and The IT Crowd Season 1. That’s a lot, given that I finished Greek and Veronica Mars in a long weekend. Ha!

Anyway, just wanna say, my Internet’s back after 21 days so I hope I can post more regularly. I was totally busy this June but it was all worth it for me. I’m happy. ❤

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