Covert Affairs S02E01 “Begin the Begin” Recap

Covert Affairs Season 2 Episode 1 aired last June 7 (June 8 here in the Philippines). I was enrolling when the torrent came out so the second I got home, I started downloading it. I watched it right after my download finished but I wrote this recap just yesterday. I wasn’t able to post it right away because I don’t have Internet AGAIN. Fufu, stolen cable. Anyway, I’m leeching in my institute’s Wifi. Heehee. I’ll try to add screencaps if I’m in the mood for screencapping but if not, well, nu-uh. [Sorry if the recap sounds boring. I put no effort in making jokes and making it fun. I’m just recapping it, in the simplest sense of the word.]

Walking in the shore and taking a dip in a bikini while thinking about rushing Ben to the hospital with his heart rate flat-lining is the starting sequence for Covert Affairs Season 2 première. I thought Ben’s dead for a split second and then I see Annie kissing Ben in a wheelchair. Okay, so he’s not dead. I honestly thought he’s paralyzed. Apparently not. Annie and Ben are in the US Naval Hospital in Guam, with Annie “polygraphing” Ben. Ack, this couple is oozing with chemistry. The nurse is gone and two armed men fired at Ben’s room. Annie is much smarter than that and leaves the hospital premises immediately, even using a defibrillator to shock the two. Ben has a limp so they’re taking a bit slower than usual to run. A man chases after them and almost fires a shot when they got down. Surprised that they weren’t shot, they see that a soldier just shot their pursuer. Annie: “Let’s go home.”

Ben is transferred to a new hospital and a banter between former asset and handler Ben and Jai. Annie leaves Ben there and I’m sure she won’t find him there when she gets back.

Annie comes back home and lies to her sister about her “business” trip. They catch up with each other and Danielle tells her that someone broke into their garage. She tells Annie that nothing’s taken but Annie rushes over to her guesthouse and checks if her safe is well, safe. All of her cover documents are there and nothing’s missing.

Annie comes to the Agency and Auggie recognizes her in the hallway. Even though Ben and Annie fires up the screen with their romance last season, I still love Annie with Auggie more. Sorry! I’m biased when it comes to Chris Gorham. Nothing you can do ’bout it. Haha!

Annie catches up on events that transpired when she was away. Liza Hearn has published several articles that are scathing indictments of Arthur with citations from top-secret documents. Joan is not in a good mood for some time now because of this.

I didn’t really find Piper that pretty when I first watched Covert Affairs but gah, she is so pretty. At least I realized that already. Anyway, Joan briefs Annie to her new mission. She’s gonna be the handler of Nadia, a tennis player and mistress to Alo Morozov, their target.

Annie pretends to be Nadia’s fan and gives her roses. There’s a code that Nadia will say if she has some intel. If she doesn’t have any intel, she’ll say, “Roses, my favorite. I’ll put them in a vase in my locker.” She screws this up and this makes Annie worried that Nadia is in trouble as she botched the script.

Auggie tells her that it might be nothing because assets do make mistakes. Annie plays the morality card to convince Auggie to help her help Nadia. She spies on Nadia and waits for Nadia to be alone inside the spa. She learns that Nadia loves chocolate and now that Estonia is in the euro, she can get the best candies. She is obviously bruised and Annie asks about it and Nadia tells her Morozov is a good man. Annie offers help from the CIA and Nadia just brushes her off and tells her to leave her alone.

Since she doesn’t want help, Annie finds it hard to convince Joan to protect Nadia. She tasks Annie and Auggie to surveil Nadia.

Meanwhile, Joan suggests hiring Chet Legardie for Arthur’s case. They might need to dip into their savings because of Legardie’s high rates but it doesn’t matter because they need to fight.

In order for the bug sweeping team to do their thing on Annie’s house, she needs to get her sister and the kids out of the house. She purposely fills the children’s glasses up to the brim so that they will spill it on the carpet. Stained carpet needs cleaning, meaning no sister and nieces. Auggie calls Annie to tell her that Nadia is on the move.

Annie surveils with Auggie and thinks she heard a gunshot when it’s just the cork popping from the champagne. It’s a celebration party for Nadia, organized by Morozov.

Due to her blow-up, Joan has stuck Annie with senseless paperwork at the office. Arthur advises Jai to get some distance from him because he might go down with him.

Carpet cleaners aka sweeping team comes and manipulates Danielle to get out of the house. Annie disobeys Joan and gets out of the Agency, taking pictures of people outside the Nadia’s practice place. Joan finds Annie’s desk, Annie-free. Uh-oh.

Annie goes to an in-the-middle-of-his-workout Auggie and fanservice! I’m sure as hell he need not be in the gym for this conversation to happen. Well, it’s nice to see those guns fo sho. HAHAHA! Auggie calls on Annie that she might just be paranoid, with all that happened in Sri Lanka and Guam. He also tells her that the sweep turned out to be clean and that it might just be a couple of kids. He suggests to take the rest of the day off.

Annie comes to Ben’s hospital room and who else is not surprised that he’s not there? He isn’t even registered as a patient when she asked the nurse. Annie comes to Joan’s house despite it being hugely wrong in a feat of desperation and helplessness. She asks about Ben and deduces in Joan’s non-answering of her question that he’s somewhere safe.

Annie drinks beer with Auggie at Alan’s Tavern when a light bulb lights up and she doesn’t even let Auggie finish his beer.

Cut to Nadia’s game and Annie driving awfully fast with Auggie, asking Jai to run the facial recognition database with the pictures she took the other day. She deduces that Nadia is not in danger but Morozov is and that Nadia is the assassin. Auggie asks why she didn’t kill him before if she’s the killer. Apparently, Morozov uses Nadia’s practice place to meet with bidders of his land. Now that Estonia just pegged to the euro, it’s opening up opportunities for foreign investment. Morozov knows he can earn money if he wasn’t tied to Russia.

Jai recognizes one of the man in the pictures. It’s Peter Kuyt, a South African mining magnate. Apparently, Morozov is double-dealing and Nadia’s caught in the middle. Annie finds her way to Nadia while Auggie coyly extracts Morozov out of the stadium and informing him that he’s in danger.

Annie tells Nadia that Morozov is in CIA’custody now and that they can protect her. They start to go outside when Nadia’s coach starts firing at them. Annie learns that Nadia was threatened by her coach, which left her with no choice at all. They successfully gets outside but Nadia’s coach follows them. After some road action, they got Nadia’s coach out of their tail when she crashed into a tree.

Chet Legardie comes ringing Joan’s doorbell and Joan’s surprised. Arthur hired him to work on his legal defense and he says they need to start immediately because they’re on the clock and that his clock is expensive. Ha!

Auggie introduces himself as their lawyer and meets with the two kids that broke in at Annie’s and confirms that it were just them, getting their thrills. Kid 1: “Is that guy really our lawyer?”

Annie breaks Nadia some bad news to Nadia – the CIA can only offer her asylum and protection in the US but nothing further. No more money, a life of anonymity and no professional tennis ever. The CIA has already pulled her from the tournament, stating a sudden hamstring injury as cause.

Annie:I know this whole thing is terrible. But this is your life now, and you’re gonna need to accept it.

Nadia: Thank you.
Annie: For what?
Nadia: For not trying to make me happier than I should be. Americans are always trying to change things. But Estonian heart is black. We know when fate has turned on us.
Annie: So what do you do?
Nadia: You live. It’s still living.
Annie: I don’t wanna just live. I want more than that.
Nadia: You’re truly not Estonian.
Annie: No. I guess I’m not. Good luck, Nadia.

Social commentary. 😛

Arthur meets with Ben and offers him to full autonomy and off the books operation with the Agency’s resources. He accepts but asks to see Annie. Arthur strikes him a deal of finishing his missions first and then Annie. Ben accepts this and it is obviously to keep Ben away. He’s just a recurring character so he needs to be away for the time being and occasionally pop out.

Annie’s drinking beer in Alan’s Tavern, a bit sad and obviously thinking when Auggie calls her. She asks him to meet her at the tavern when Auggie snaps his walking stick behind her. Annie buys her a beer and fade out to black. This two, so cute.

And that ends my first Covert Affairs recap. I would like to continue this. I find it easier to recap than White Collar. That project has never been touched again. Anyway, I generally found the episode nice. I don’t hate it but I don’t love it but I definitely like it. The conflict about Arthur continues as well as Ben being away. The episode refreshes us on what we haven’t watched for a long time – Auggie and Annie’s friendship, Annie’s development from a newbie as Joan pointed out and the not too flashy action this show offers. Honestly, for a CIA show, it has truly not much action or I’m just used with Chuck. But I love that about Covert Affairs because you see the Agency, the office, the building, the tangible things and not the spy missions. It focuses more on the asset and the political issues inside which is something new to me. All in all, I’ll still be watching this because Christopher Gorham is in this. Oops, my shallowness is showing. HAHAHA!

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