Recap: Raising Hope S01E02 Dead Tooth


No one’s reading my Raising Hope recaps. I need to blog more and promote my blog more. And I need to promote Raising Hope! Everyone should watch this show!

Click under the cut for the recap with screencaps! 🙂


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Jimmy’s talking to Hope and saying sorry for the first couple of days since they don’t know what they’re doing. Jimmy’s parents, Virginia and Burt, can’t really help at all because they had him when they were 15 and 17 so they also don’t know what to do with Hope. A sequence follows of how they put strawberry fudge on her milk, spilling that over Hope when Jimmy’s shaking the bottle and Maw Maw breastfeeding Hope is gold. She even bit Maw Maw! Now, attagirl!

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Jimmy’s friends invite him to go hang out with them. Their definition of hanging out is really … They’ll go over the bridge and pretend one’s pushing the other and watch people freak out as they drive by. With Hope in his arms, he said he’s stuck with the baby and he immediately takes back his words. Jimmy: “Not stuck… didn’t mean stuck. I’m cool with it. I got to watch what I say. I don’t know if she understands words yet. ” Aaaaww, so sweet of Jimmy to think that especially we should really watch our words around babies and kids. Made me remember this episode of Modern Family where Cameron and Mitchell claps when the word “adopt” is said to make her feel comfy about the word. Anyway, <3, he so loves Hope.

Virginia asks about last night and Jimmy says she cried a bit but settled down once he got in the crib with her. Everyone, say what the hell with me. He actually got in the crib with her! :)) They notice that Hope never smiles and Virginia surmises that she’s just a bitch. Jimmy defends Hope and Virginia says that her mother is a serial killer and maybe some of that evilness has to be “HERMEDITARY”. HAHA How I love Virginia.

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With his cousin Mike gone (By gone, Mike met a girl and joined a cult, that is.), he needs to work twice as hard. Jimmy does an imaginary slap in the head when he realizes he didn’t even think about work. Burt and Virginia told him that he can figure it out because they both worked when they had him. Cue flashback sequence. Jimmy’s tied to a rope tethered on a sleeping Maw Maw and he just sits for hours in front of a baby deer painting. Present Jimmy tells us that he used to pretend that the baby deer’s parents went away to work. How cute is that! And sad. I feel sympathetic to Toddler Jimmy. Jimmy decides to bring Hope at work. Uh-uh. Does everyone remember what is Jimmy’s work?

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Virginia smokes and Jimmy disciplines her again that smoking is not allowed inside the house since Hope’s here. Virginia explains,”Smoke rises. She’s not going to be tall enough to breathe it for a long time. ” Love the logic of this woman. Heehee. Burt gets a deal with Virginia that if he convinces Maw Maw to stop smoking, she’ll quit too. Maw Maw burns Burt with the cigarette. HAHAHA Good luck with that!

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They go to work and cut some grass, complete with goggles for Hope too. They mow the lawn with earphones on Hope and she on the stroller on the mower. The houseowner calls the police while they’re getting ready to wash Hope’s popo. The police tells them that they can get Hope killed and Burt yells at the houseowner that she could have just said something instead of reporting to the police. Now, Burt’s got a point! 😛

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Jimmy goes to the grocery and talks to Sabrina. Virginia is spotted by Sabrina sticking day-old bread stickers to new ones so she will not pay for full price and Jimmy gets out of the scene but Virginia calls him. Uh-oh, minus points! Sabrina mistakes Virginia to be Jimmy’s wife and Virginia oh-so-slyly smiles. I know, girl! Having Jimmy at 15 paid off! Virginia asks Sabrina if she babysits. Double whammy if ever! Sabrina refers them to her cousin’s daycare.

Caught in the act! Jimmy sleeping in the crib with Hope! HAHAHA! He really slept with her in the crib! Now, that’s really getting in a father’s pants! Oops, he wasn’t wearing pants. 😛

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Jimmy’s leaving Hope at the daycare and he realizes Shelly runs the daycare. Shelly is a girl he made out with in a party two years ago. And the most obvious characteristic, she has a dead tooth. Shelly lets Hope for free in the daycare with obvious payback. Pinching Jimmy’s nipple? Maybe that. Bwahahahaha!

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Jimmy picks Hope up and instructs Burt to honk immediately so as to avoid interaction with Shelly. But it’s Burt so he leaves Jimmy out there with Shelly. You go, Burt! Funny thing is Shelly’s daycare takes care of kids, old people and LOTS of dogs. 😛 I love Shelly because she sings while playing the ukulele. Her lyrics are so cute and funny!

Sometimes things can make you sad
sometimes things can make you mad
you might be feeling mangy
or your diapers might need changing
or your diaper might need changing
I don’t know but whatever it is
that’s got you grumpy
a Thorn in your paw or a great big dumpy
you need to stay calm
and follow my golden rule
don’t bite
don’t bite
I know it’s your way of protection
but bites can lead to infection
in come cases, it’s a form of affection *playfully bites Jimmy*
But don’t bite

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Burt can’t make Maw Maw quit as she burns him up every time he tries so he makes her a bubble to contain her smoke. Shelly gives Jimmy a ride home and Hope smiles when Shelly babytalks her. Jimmy’s surprised that she smiled and Burt teases him that he’s now stuck with Shelly as her girlfriend. Free day care and she’s the only person Hope likes. The bubble goes well. Until it doesn’t go well when Maw Maw started coughing and fog is building up.

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Jimmy and Shelly go to the supermarket and Jimmy avoids Sabrina’s counter. Shelly: “Condoms! I forgot condoms!” HAHAHAHAHA! Sabrina says that she’s sorry for putting him in a bad situation since she didn’t know Jimmy and Shelly hooked up before.

Jimmy: No, it’s fine.
Sabrina: Really? ‘Cause you kind of have this kidnapped-victim look in your eyes, like maybe you should be holding a copy of today’s newspaper.
Jimmy: No, it’s cool. I mean, I don’t know. It’s, um, not… It’s okay. She’s cool. She’s not charging me for
day care, so, so that’s good.
Shelly: 12-pack! Purple, slim fit.

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Jimmy grabs a copy of today’s newspaper and mouths “HELP!”. Okay, I’m sorry, I like Jimmy and Sabrina together. Friendly conversations and all. I don’t think it’s necessary for myself that they get to be an item but I’m happy just the way things are. 🙂

They rent European Gigolo and Sabrina asks them if she can go. Jimmy readily answers yes then remembers to be polite and actually consult Shelly making it seem like he’s asking permission when in fact, he already agreed on Sabrina coming.

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Jimmy asks his mom to keep Shelly busy so he can have some alone time with Sabrina. Virginia tells him to go change and find someting with a V-neck as she’s been seeing a lot of V-necks lately. Cue my favorite scene in this episode! Jimmy obviously has nothing with a V-neck so he pulls the neckling of his round neck shirt and decides on how to cut it. HAHAHAHA! It is absolutely funny how he tries to make it look slick and natural. Real V-necks ❤

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Virginia asks about Shelly’s rotten chomper and Shelly says she keeps it as a conversation starter. Jimmy sees his father topless waiting in the bed with candles as he’s waiting for Virginia. Totally random but as Jimmy said, gross. I mean, knowing that your parents are you-know. :))

Photobucket     Photobucket
The door rings and here comes Sabrina! Sabrina: “We brought beer.” Jimmy questions the “we” and out comes Sabrina’s boyfriend, Wyatt, with the beer. You can see the surprise and sadness in Jimmy’s eyes. Virginia comes by the door and Jimmy briefs her in the recent turn of events with the wide eyes. To uplift his spirits, Virginia asks them how long their relationship has been going on, hoping for the answer to be just a couple of weeks. But no, they’ve been together for a couple of years now and you can see the disappointment in both son and mother. She continues to find flaws but learns that Wyatt studies Finance at a college in New York. I love the son-mother relationship because she just roots for her son and they’re like friends to each other. Wyatt recognizes Burt as the guy who cleans his parents’ pool. 😦

Photobucket     Photobucket

Virginia and Jimmy’s friend versus Sabrina and Wyatt in beer pong while Jimmy watches over. Breaks my heart. 😦 Here comes Shelly with a towel since Jimmy asked Virginia to hide all the blankets so they won’t get under anything. 😛 Jimmy comes clean to Shelly that he can’t do it because he likes Sabrina. Shelly says she’ll get over it and Jimmy asks if she’ll still take care of Hope. Yes, but for 60 bucks a week. Whaddayathink, Sir? That she’ll still take care of your baby for free now that you rejected her? :))

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Hope cries and Jimmy goes in. Burt comes out and asks Virginia if she’ll ever get inside. Maw Maw becomes lucid and searches for her Buick Skylark and wonders who the hell these people on her backyard are. Burt asks Maw Maw to quit smoking and Maw Maw says that she quit in 1971 when Virginia was born. She wanted to live long enough to see what she’d grow up to be. Maw Maw is not lucid again and just smoked a cig HAHAHA. This one’s tough!

Photobucket     Photobucket

Jimmy puts Hope to bed and Virginia brings some cookies Shelly made. Sorry, I can’t focus because his V-neck is distracting me. HAHAHAHA Anyway, Jimmy’s bummed that Sabrina has a boyfriend but he’s actually more worried Shelly knows he’s not into her and making him pay for day care.

Virginia: “That’s the funny thing about having kid. They come with their own set of problems. Make everything else you were worried about seem kind of silly.”

Virginia gives Jimmy her cigarette money to pay for Hope’s daycare and everyone in the world says “aaaaawwww”. Virginia decided to stop smoking and live long enough to see what Hope will be. Hope finally smiled at her father. What made her smile? Some of the cookie got in Jimmy’s tooth. So that’s why Hope smiles at Shelly. Cute!

Photobucket     Photobucket

Virginia: “Well, at least you got one girl to fall in love with you tonight.”



This episode was really awkward for me to watch at first because of Shelly’s rotten tooth. Seriously, girl, keeping it as a conversation starter? Worst reason ever! I can’t imagine how Jimmy made out with her while seeing that. Sorry, it’s really distracting.

Otherwise, another Raising Hope episode full of heart. Even when they’re being dumb, I love how this family sticks with each other through thick and thin. Quitting smoking is really hard and for Virginia to do that is the right thing to do. 🙂 Maw Maw saying that she quitted to live long enough to see Virginia grow up is just touching though she started smoking again.

Gah, recapping is so hard. When I read my recap, it’s so boring. I guess it takes a lot of practice and tons of vocabulary building to create good recaps. I must improve! I’m learning how to omit not-so-important stuff but I find that hard to do because I want to include everything!

Again, this show is really easy to watch. No too much thinking that will make your head ache, has heart to make you say “aaaaaww” and cherish your family and has comedy to get you by. I’m a person who needs comedy in my life so I can’t get enough of sitcoms! Next episodes are better and next episodes are even more heartwarming! Raising Hope is renewed for a second season and I am so happy! 😀 I’ll write recaps when I feel like it but I hope I can recap Season 2 real-time-ish. 😛 Never mind breaking the continuity. I haven’t even finished Season 1 because of my freakin’ trash internet. Anyway, hope you understood the story and enjoyed it! 😀


  1. Hey, Love Raising hope my fav show.. Do you happen to know the name of the song or the band being played while their playing beer pong in the back yard?? I can’t find it anywhere….



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