Zero Movies for June :(

I was way too busy this month that I had no time to watch movies. And, I guess I was never in the mood for watching movies. And I don’t have movies that I like to watch at the moment so yeah. It’s just half an hour before July starts and I suddenly realized that I wasn’t able to watch even a single movie for the month. Though I’ve watched tons of series for  the level of busy-ness I was under. Greek Season 1, Veronica Mars Season 1, How I Met Your Mother Season 6 and The IT Crowd Season 1. That’s a lot, given that I finished Greek and Veronica Mars in a long weekend. Ha!

Anyway, just wanna say, my Internet’s back after 21 days so I hope I can post more regularly. I was totally busy this June but it was all worth it for me. I’m happy. ❤

Myung-wol the Spy Releases Teaser Trailer

I seriously hope that javabeans and girlfriday will recap it. Excited! 😀 I’m too busy to actually watch it but I’ll definitely read the recaps if I find some. And btw, my Internet’s back after 21 days! Yey for me! 😀 I can post noooooow!

Third Teaser Video for Heartstrings

A longer trailer has been released! Check it out! (The video I embedded has English subtitles! :D)

Another Teaser from Heartstrings

This time, it’s Park Shin Hye! Pretty! I’ve posted Yong Hwa’s HEREHEREHERE. 🙂

Tidal Crusher by Cavalier Rose Lyrics

I was really desperate to know the lyrics of Tidal Crusher by Cavalier Rose so I emailed them last Saturday. To my surprise, Garrett Gibbs Drinon, their guitarist replied to me! I was spazzing like mad last Wednesday. GAH! So cool for a band to reply! So I replied again and look what arrived in my mail today! Lyrics to Tidal Crusher! So I’m sharing it with you guys! So happy! ❤ Now that I’m listening to the song again, I’m wondering why I didn’t get the lyrics before. Maybe because I listen to music at a low volume. Anyway, whatever, here it is! 😀

We’re underwater, Sheriff
Please excuse us, we got salt for eyes
You can shoot us from your watch tower

and you’ll see
Ain’t got no legs to stand on
Our heart-strings taut with fishing twine
And a big balloon for ear drums

Let it be
Nice and easy, dee
Under here with me
But you ain’t never going home

Come on you tidal crusher
My monsoon heart’s got business here
Who are you to split asunder

and you’ll see
Ain’t got no legs to stand on
Invertebrate my pioneer
We will ne’er get out from under

Wanna breathe?
Want some slow release?
You can call on me
But you ain’t never going home

And all your marigold and flotsam
Fill my diving bell in the stratosphere
Floating way away forever
got to split to sink you

Bigger brother with your field below
Field below field below

Tell me tell me tell me
nice and slow
here we go
Tell me where it hurts

Here for ever in my liquid lair
Lost forever what the fuck I care
Nothing’s fair
Just digging in the dirt
In the dirt

Let it be
Nice and easy, dee
Under here with me
But you ain’t never going home

Covert Affairs S02E01 “Begin the Begin” Recap

Covert Affairs Season 2 Episode 1 aired last June 7 (June 8 here in the Philippines). I was enrolling when the torrent came out so the second I got home, I started downloading it. I watched it right after my download finished but I wrote this recap just yesterday. I wasn’t able to post it right away because I don’t have Internet AGAIN. Fufu, stolen cable. Anyway, I’m leeching in my institute’s Wifi. Heehee. I’ll try to add screencaps if I’m in the mood for screencapping but if not, well, nu-uh. [Sorry if the recap sounds boring. I put no effort in making jokes and making it fun. I’m just recapping it, in the simplest sense of the word.]

Walking in the shore and taking a dip in a bikini while thinking about rushing Ben to the hospital with his heart rate flat-lining is the starting sequence for Covert Affairs Season 2 première. I thought Ben’s dead for a split second and then I see Annie kissing Ben in a wheelchair. Okay, so he’s not dead. I honestly thought he’s paralyzed. Apparently not. Annie and Ben are in the US Naval Hospital in Guam, with Annie “polygraphing” Ben. Ack, this couple is oozing with chemistry. The nurse is gone and two armed men fired at Ben’s room. Annie is much smarter than that and leaves the hospital premises immediately, even using a defibrillator to shock the two. Ben has a limp so they’re taking a bit slower than usual to run. A man chases after them and almost fires a shot when they got down. Surprised that they weren’t shot, they see that a soldier just shot their pursuer. Annie: “Let’s go home.”

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New Posters and a Teaser from Hearstrings

A 20-second teaser showing Yong Hwa playing the guitar and saying “You’ve fallen for me.” AAAAAAAHHHH. Hearstrings will air starting on June 29! Mark your calendars!



Myung-wol the Spy aka Beautiful Spy Releases Poster Stills


This drama looks cute! I instantly laughed when I saw this photo. Hahaha! Beta-male! You guys don’t know how much I love beta-male characters. Hyun-soo in Smile, You, Dae-woong in My Girlfriend is a Gumiho and the list goes on. It’s so fun and rewarding rooting for the underdog. Gah, why am I like this? HAHA

Anyway, Myung-wol the Spy (International Title: Beautiful Spy) will air starting July 4, replacing Baby-Faced Beauty at KBS. It stars Eric Mun as a Hallyu actor and Han Ye Seul as a North Korean spy tasked to stop the Hallyu fever in North Korea. And it definitely doesn’t hurt that Lee Jin Wook stars as the second male lead and is a spyyy. (He’s back from the army and he’s so hot. <3) Will definitely check this out!