Kim Soo Hyun Random Post #1

This post is dedicated to me and to Celina (she has a blog now! and here’s her twitter!) for loving Kim Soo Hyun with all our heart. (Well, not all since we do have a lot of people in our heart. Whatever.) Let us all enjoy Kim Soo Hyun’s smile and natural good looks and general awesomeness. ❀ Click the picture to view in full size. πŸ˜›

Kim Soo Hyun


  1. The images are very small and the zoom option is also not adequate. please provide some large photos are better zooming options.And some pictures are very blurred.



    1. I’m really sorry about that. I noticed that too and tried to fix it but I don’t know what’s wrong that it keeps appearing like that. I just posted it even though it’s like that because I love Kim Soo Hyun so much. I’m sorry if I’m of no help. Hope you find a clearer pic. πŸ™‚



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