Recap: Raising Hope S01E01 Pilot


It was a Thursday (April 28) and there’s no new episode of Modern Family. I get sad when I don’t get my comedy on a Thursday and as I ALWAYS (always = everyday) look for series to watch or download, I saw Raising Hope. I checked out the trailer after checking the plot and holy cow, was I on the floor laughing. Seriousleh? He impregnated a SERIAL KILLER and is now left with the baby. I’m IN!

Click under the cut for the full recap of the first episode of season 1 and my thoughts complete with screencaps! Just click the thumbnails to enlarge the picture! (It’s renewed for a second season! Hurray!)


The Chance family is comprised of 23-year-old Jimmy (Lucas Neff), mom Virginia who always wears this shirt with Virginia on it HAHA (Martha Plimpton), dad Burt (Garret Dillahunt), a cousin (Skyler Stone) and with-Alzheimer’s grandma/Maw Maw (Cloris Leachman). You’d say they’re sort of dysfunctional and has a lot of quirks and weird stuff going on. They’re not really poor but they’re not really average though. 😛


The show opens with Jimmy and his cousin cleaning a pool while Burt playfully annoys Jimmy by dirtying the pool again. I seriously didn’t know yet that his boss was his father because I didn’t really checked the premise and list of characters that much. Jimmy’s really irritated and he officially quits his job. He comes home and decides to plan his life by writing it down on the backside of a poster. And all he comes up is a pretty awesome artwork of him and a girl riding a eagle/falcon. HAHA


He goes to dinner and announces that if ever he’ll be a musician, he does have a cover for his first album, referencing to his LIFE PLAN. (This is where I knew that his boss was his Dad. I’m so slow.) His Maw Maw comes and mistakes him AGAIN for her husband, Wilfred and kisses him. I don’t know what’s funny, that Maw Maw kissed Jimmy or the fact that she always mistakes him to be her dead husband and as I assume, that she kissed him before too. Bubblegum-flavored ice cream is out and they have this tradition as to who puts his/her index finger on his/her nose last buys the ice cream. As Jimmy is gargling and rinsing Maw Maw off his mouth, aaaawwww, he wasn’t able to do that and is now assigned to head out and buy the ice cream. (And how cool is that that they always eat bubblegum ice cream? Cute! Gives an insight to how MATURE this family is. HAHAHA)


Jimmy heads out to buy the ice cream in his Scooby Doo van painted in bubblegum colors. Gahd, I love this show. On his way back, he runs across this blonde girl whom he saves away from a chasing man. He doesn’t understand it but they have fun and have sex in the back of his van in his frontyard.


Of course, the ice cream melted. Haha! Jimmy wakes up and goes in his house and sees that his parents are quite fascinated with this girl. Until they saw her in the news and she’s actually a SERIAL KILLER. She’s a serial killer who kills her boyfriends! Uh-oh. (The news segment there was funny! You guys should really check this out. :P) When she goes back to the dining table from the restroom, Virginia smashes her with the family TV and reports her to the police. (Goodness, I love Virginia. Smashing the TV? Priceless.)


Lucy (they learned her name in the news) goes to jail and we jump 8 months later where Jimmy’s visiting her and we find out that she’s pregnant with Jimmy’s kid! She named the kid PRINCESS BEYONCE (Goodness, if this show ain’t funny!).  She’s pretty confident that they won’t execute her with the chair when she’s the mother of a 6-month-old baby. But that’s where she’s wrong and soon after, the mother gets the electric chair treatment.


Jimmy has a daughter now and he thinks this is the one thing that could give his life meaning. His parents of course are against keeping the baby and suggests that he safe drop her at the fire station. Jimmy won’t do that and he takes all his belongings placed in a supermarket pushcart to a pawnshop to hopefully trade for a car seat.


On his way, he meets this weird/quirky supermarket girl Sabrina (Shannon Woodward) who puts the tomato cans upside down because she’s bored. HAHAHAHA. I love it!  (She’s cuter in her next scene. She’s squinty here, maybe because of the sun.) The baby is in his pushcart with all his belongings and he made her drank milk from a glove with a hole. It’s really gross if you think about it and the supermarket girl is worried about the baby but she needs to get back to work! (I love the supermarket manager! So frustrated and so hopeless! HAHA)


Jimmy finally gets a car seat and hitches a ride with Virginia. He didn’t strap the seat to the car and to make a point, Virginia does a crazy curve to show what not strapping the seat to the car results. And it results to the baby tumbling down. (It’s just these moments that I feel really weird and worried about the baby but I know they really don’t harm the baby so I can still watch it. However, if you really think that she did that, thus, endangering the baby, you might think that they’re really “white trash” and dumb. HAHAHAHA.)


There’s a funny part where Virginia narrates to Jimmy not having a car seat when he was little and that he peeked at the hole in their car. (Their car has a hole in the floor and Jimmy lowered his head there and watched the wheels and the machine of the car. And Jimmy wonders how he’s still alive. I wonder, too. 😛 Really, this show is nuts. HAHAHAHA) Virginia lights up a cigarette and Jimmy scolds her. And a funny dialogue ensues!

Jimmy: I’m learning, and the more I read, the more I realize all the stuff you did wrong. E.I. You’re not supposed to smoke in front of babies.
Virginia: That’s only when you’re pregnant, stupid. Anyway, I don’t believe that. I smoked with you, and you’re fine.
Jimmy: Fine? I had asthma the first 17 years of my life. I’ve got seven permanent teeth that still haven’t come in. And I’m allergic to fruit. Fruit.

HE’S FREAKING ALLERGIC TO FRUIT! HAHAHAHAHAHA! Anyway, Virginia drops them to walk home. Tsk.


Jimmy goes to the grocery store and meets the supermarket girl, Sabrina. I really can’t describe the conversation because it’s hilarious so I’ll just post it. 😛

Sabrina: Nice car seat.
Jimmy: Oh, yeah, thanks. It’s a used one.
Sabrina: I can see that. Who used it, Baby Jesus?
Jimmy: Yeah. It’s an earlier model. Listen, uh, I have a question about this food. Uh, it might be a stupid question, but I feel I should ask.
Sabrina: I’m sure it’s not stupid.
Jimmy: Okay. Well, um, the book I have says I should feed her vegetables, and I want to do that, but the only vegetable jars I found have pictures of either black babies or Asian babies on them, and I don’t know if the pictures are random, you know, or if there is a reason Asian babies instead of white ones should eat these particular string beans.
Sabrina: That is a really good question. The color of the babies on the jars doesn’t matter.However, it’s really important that you do not feed her anything with a picture of a boy on it, or else she will grow a penis. And a mustache.
Jimmy: I said, it might be a stupid question.

Baby food with Asian babies in the picture for Asian babies only? HAHAHAHAHA


The next events include what I thought the key scene of the night which was Jimmy changing his daughter’s diapers. He comes out running of the room yelling I need tissue paper, I need tissue paper apparently due to him throwing up on the baby. Virginia wonders why such thing would happen, goes in the room, throws up herself and cue Jimmy’s encore vomiting.


That night, Jimmy struggles to put the baby to sleep. His parents get annoyed as of course they couldn’t sleep due to the noise. Morning came and they finally decided to help Jimmy out.


The show flashbacks to when Virginia was 15 and having Jimmy as her baby. Virginia sings “Danny’s Song” (click to listen) to Jimmy’s baby and mirrors it to her 15-year-old self singing it to Baby Jimmy while Burt plays the guitar. (And I’ve been meaning to say this but young Burt is so handsome! As in really handsome!) The episode ends with a sentimental scene between Jimmy and Virginia. They decide Princess Beyonce is NOT going to be their new baby’s name so they decide to change it to Hope and thus the show’s title. And a funny ending as Maw Maw goes out of the house, topless, and Jimmy’s assigned to get her in. HAHAHAHA



This show has a lot of heart. There’s toilet humor and some of the jokes are really in the gag or physical way, self-deprecating and what but the family is the theme of the show. Even though they really do things differently and are dumb, you know that they care and love each other that you can’t help but feel for them and root for them. I still root for them even though they’re really dumb. HAHAHAHA

I was really touched by Virginia (Martha Plimpton) singing Danny’s Song at the end because it really fits their family. And how funny is she with her wrong words. Philostrophical? Burt is funny and the guy who plays 17-year-old Burt is really handsome. He’s Cameron Moulene and he’s born in 1993! Same age baby! But I can’t believe he’s even younger than me by 22 days! OMG. Anyway, Lucas Neff as Jimmy is lovable and endearing. He’s not handsome but he’s funny and you just love how earnest he is in providing for Hope. He thinking that taking a bath is a weekly thing made me crack up a little bit. No, too much. HAHAHA! Maw Maw’s moments are pure win. HAHAHAHA. Shannon Woodward as Sabrina hasn’t done anything yet so based solely on the Pilot, I can’t judge her.

The rock version of Danny’s Song at the end is nice too! YEAH!

I recommend watching the next episodes and all episodes and tuning in to Raising Hope. I need my comedy and warm fuzzies brought by family stuff are always welcome. It’s like Moderm Family with dumber characters and more lovelife (Jimmy and Sabrina) and more family awwww-inducing moments. ❤

Watch the trailer if you wanna see a sneak peek! 😀

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