Ikuta Toma to Star in Two-Part Movie Adaptation of “Bokura ga Ita”


The live-action adaptation of Obata Yuki’s popular shoujo manga “Bokura ga Ita” (“We Were There”) has cast Ikuta Toma (26) and Yoshitaka Yuriko (22). The movie is being split into two, both directed by Miki Takahiro (“Solanin”). The films will be released in 2012 with only a month between showings! Now, that is a treat!

The story follows the romance of its two main characters over a span of 10 years, from high school to their mid-20s. Ikuta plays the super popular Yano Motoharu, whose girlfriend was killed in a car accident. Yoshitaka plays Takahashi Nanami, who falls in love with Yano but struggles with his inability to let go of the past.

I admit I haven’t been keeping tab on Ikuta Toma that much and I haven’t watched Majo Saiban because I can’t find slash I’m lazy to find download links. And I haven’t checked if his recent movies are now available to download. But it’s always nice to see that he has a new project. And I can totally see him with the haircut of the manga character. Just sayin’. 🙂

Source: tokyograph

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