#nowplaying Love How It Hurts – Scouting for Girls

I saw that Scouting for Girls has released a new single but it’s just now that I had the time to listen to it. Most people say it’s arguably their best song but approaching the song knowing that, I sort of had super high expectations so I’m not that really into it right now. But give me some time and I’ll be singing this forever. Haha!

Scouting for Girls just released a lyrics video to it posted above. Btw, I’ve been blabbing but I haven’t even mentioned the title of the song. It’s “Love How It Hurts”. Yeah, I know it’s a lil masochistic or what. The track was apparently written by singer Roy Stride on his iPod Touch. Gahd, isn’t he amazing? I mean, that’s pure talent! Composing on your iPod Touch and now, this song will surely be in the UK Billboard Charts and everywhere. I love Scouting for Girls!

As usual, lyrics under the cut! (Since the song is pretty new, there’s no lyrics posted anywhere yet so I just typed the lyrics shown in the video.Yeap, pause, type, pause. 😛 Gah, the things I do for things I love.)

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#nowplaying Baby, We’re Invincible – A Rocket to the Moon

Just heard it in the radio and I really felt that the style/voice is familiar and when I searched it, boom, it’s from A Rocket to the Moon! Yey!

Click under the cut for the lyrics! (We still don’t have our Internet connection back so posts will be RARE.)

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I’m back from Bicol!

I was in Bicol for a week with the fam but our Internet connection sucks (ESTABLISHED FACT. Connection disappeared with the storm.) so I wasn’t able to even do anything when I got back home. So I went on marathon-ing Chuck Season 4 and Cougartown Season 1. Anyway, I’m leeching here at SM and downloading my weekly shows. I didn’t have Internet while I was away so I have tons of episodes to download and watch. Problem is, the Internet here is slow but there are actual tables and chairs. If I go to the place here at SM with better torrent download speed, I’ll trade in this table. I am so torn!

Anyway, it’s so hard to catch up! On my new tumblr duties, my blogging duties, editing, subbing and a whole lot more now that I was away for a week. I’m also not in the mood to watch movies (which is a first) so my 10-Movies-a-Month Mission is so not done. I like watching TV series-es (SERIOUSLY, WHAT’S THE PLURAL FORM) these days and I think I can watch most of my stock. Good luck to me in everything! 😀

Extended Trailer of Lie to Me

Freaking 17 minutes! I’m actually with my family for a vacation in Bicol for ONE WEEK! So, right now, I’m just leeching off our hotel’s wifi so I can’t really post. Enjoy! (I won’t be able to watch the premiere of Lie to Me! I hope I can read some recaps!)

Kim Soo Hyun Random Post #1

This post is dedicated to me and to Celina (she has a blog now! and here’s her twitter!) for loving Kim Soo Hyun with all our heart. (Well, not all since we do have a lot of people in our heart. Whatever.) Let us all enjoy Kim Soo Hyun’s smile and natural good looks and general awesomeness. ❤ Click the picture to view in full size. 😛

Kim Soo Hyun

#nowplaying Inside of You – Infant Sorrow

Heard it while watching Forgetting Sarah Marshall last April and I just remembered it last night and knew I just had to listen to it and post it the next day. HAHAHAHA! While watching Forgetting Sarah Marshall, I practically laughed out loud while clenching my stomach because it was really funny! HAHAHAHA

Click under the cut for the lyrics! :))

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Jung Il Woo and Kim So Eun for 10asia


These two are so cute! Click under the cut for MORE pictures~

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#nowplaying Inside of Love – Nada Surf

Again, played in the “Lying Pig” episode of Wonderfalls though this song was also played on the Season 1 episode “Slutty Pumpkin” of How I Met Your Mother when Ted and Robin were snuggling up in the rooftop. (I remember the scene but not the song, I googled it. ) How fitting for the scene in HIMYM and also in Wonderfalls, when Eric thought it was Jaye who went to the bar but it’s his wife, Heidi-ho. Seriously, I hate that girl.

Click under the cut for the lyrics!

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Recap: Raising Hope S01E01 Pilot


It was a Thursday (April 28) and there’s no new episode of Modern Family. I get sad when I don’t get my comedy on a Thursday and as I ALWAYS (always = everyday) look for series to watch or download, I saw Raising Hope. I checked out the trailer after checking the plot and holy cow, was I on the floor laughing. Seriousleh? He impregnated a SERIAL KILLER and is now left with the baby. I’m IN!

Click under the cut for the full recap of the first episode of season 1 and my thoughts complete with screencaps! Just click the thumbnails to enlarge the picture! (It’s renewed for a second season! Hurray!)

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Jeon Ji Hyun for High Cut May 2011

Of course she’s wearing GUESS because she’s the endorser for that. But why the figure and skin?

PhotobucketClick under the cut for more pictures!

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