Koukou Debut Live Action Movie Trailers!

Mizobata Junpei ❤ And your hair, ❤

And a longer version with more Mizobata Junpei. Heehee.

I love Koukou Debut even though I haven’t finished reading it yet and I love Mizobata Junpei so what’s not to love about this movie? Well, yeah, that blue silky ribbon they have as a uniform SUCKS.

Excited! :DDDD


  1. OMG! YAY!
    Thanks for sharing! ♥
    I’ve actually just started reading Koukou Debut, and I loved it!
    Can’t wait! 😀



    1. I need to read Koukou Debut again! There was a point in my junior year in high school which is around 3 years ago that I breathe Koukou Debut. But I wasn’t able to keep on reading due to my busy-ness. The movie was just released this April 1! Probably some months later the DVD will be released and subs will come out and we can watch itttttt! Can’t wait too! Mizobata Junpei ❤



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