I’ve been busy at school even though hell week’s over. For one, I feel so tired all the time and I end up sleeping early. Or I watch something or do something over the Internet and end up sleeping late. The next day I’m this zombie with panda eye/eyebags and I end up sleeping really early that night. Basically, my Circadian rhythm is pretty “eengk” these days. So a post on what I have been doing or following recently so you know guys that I’m alive besides from my random tweets.

  • BIG BANG COMEBACK! (infinite exclamation marks) If bad fan means I don’t blog about it every second of my day, then I’m a bad fan. But I’m hella following their every show and performance ever since the album dropped! And I’m loving every moment. It’s been two years and 3 months and they had their last stage when I just became a VIP so you can say I saw them leaving and now I am so stoked and happy and ecstatic to see them come back. WEEHOO!
  • I’m still watching the shows I’ve been watching. Hellcats, White Collar, Glee and Moden Family. So yeah, I still watch stuff! I also finished downloading My Princess and finished reading the recaps as well. Just three more episodes and my Dream High download is done. The recaps? Done reading. I’ll watch these two shows soon when I’m on my summer vacation because I can’t afford it right now.
  • My Mom is making me download Secret Garden. I downloaded it before but wasn’t able to finish it when my amusement over it stopped. I’m resuming my download now since all I can hear from my Mom is “hey, download the remaining Secret Garden episodes”.
  • I plan on watching all of the shows I downloaded and all the movies and shows I acquired on summer vacation. My eyes will be glued to the screen in a matter of weeks! So excited! I’ll just keep up with school and I’ll be rewarded. 🙂
  • I’m not taking summer classes unless I fail Math 55 which will not happen. I will not let it happen. Summer class = low grades + burn out. My mind is so not working academically during summer so instead of improving my grades, I end up pulling them to a pit. Tsk. So YAY for a whole summer of watching shows! I’ve got my Korean variety shows and a lot of other stuff. HAHA.
  • I’m not into Kpop right now except for Big Bang. Maybe when CNBLUE comes back on March 21, I’ll have two groups to watch! That’s the announcement! They’re coming back on March 21! A picture has been uploaded~
  • I think I have a lot to say but my thoughts has escaped me. Eotteoke, baby~ (Would have been funny if you sang it when you read this. That’s from Up and Down by SHINee HAHAHAHA)
  • I have a long list of movies to be downloaded because I heard they are awesome but referring to a previous bullet, I’m so preoccupied or more like, my torrent program is so preoccupied with Secret Garden and downloading the shows I watch weekly that I find no time to download said movies in the list.
  • Reading Pretty Little Liars recaps! Will watch it when the season has finished and when Sarah downloads the rest of the season! Cherry’s watching it and telling us updates and I just watch the juicy stuff o’er teh Youtube aka Toby and Spencer linking up and Hanna and Caleb. HOHOHO.
  • I’m on my Andrew Garfield phase right now and that means I’ve followed tons of tumblelogs dedicated to him. Emma Stone is his love interest in Spidey! I love Emma Stone! So happy!
  • My Mom finished watching Baker King Kim Tak Gu, My Princess and now she’s glued to our laptop watching Marry Me, Mary. I am so envious of her. She gets to watch these shows! HUHU. When I get home, school still follows me. HUHU
  • I wanna type and tell you guys about what’s happening in my life but I can’t think of anything to add to these so maybe there’s really not a lot of things going on in my life. HAHA! So I’ll end it here. 😛
  • Oh btw, this week is such a happy week. ❤

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