I’m finally free!

Last two exams for the semester finished earlier! Can’t say that the results would be gravy but I’m just relieved that this semester’s over! Yey! FlashForward, I’ll finish you NOOOOOOW. =)) And to all other shows and movies. 😛


This is really upsetting, you know. See, I don’t have classes anymore. As in, summer vacation officially started. But I still have those freaking final exams and papers and all that and I won’t be academically free until Monday. Which is so far away. I can’t actually enjoy myself and think of rolling around in bed all day because I still have a paper due 12 midnight and I haven’t started a thing on it. Can you blame me if I can’t find the inspiration to start on that? I’m telling you, inspiration hides ten feet under the ground for no one to see when you most need it. Oh well. I should probably go and do that paper now if I want to get a good grade. Ja.

#nowplaying Interrupt – Toy Horses

This has been my study song/filler song in what, 2 days, I think. They are dubbed the Welsh Lennon and McCartney and I can really see and hear why. It doesn’t help that the younger guy sorta looks like Sir Paul McCartney. When I heard this song, I really thought of The Beatles immediately. And gehd, I love this song! So Fall-y, Autumn-y feel. And the music video, I like! So they released the music video recently so I’m posting it! As well as the lyrics. They are stepson-stepdad and I think that is a really weird relationship if you’re in a band. You’d think that they will just keep fighting and will not harmonize but the song is just plain peacefulness and harmony. Maybe music brought them together? Anyway, enough with my blabber! The vid! And how do I love Toy Horses (the toy)!

Click under the cut for the lyrics!

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More than 50 000 views!

I was keen on checking the views because I’m planning to make a thank-you post for reaching 50 000 views. But school’s a nasty one so, yeah, it rolled out of my mind. But now that I have seen ittt…..


I promise to post more when school’s done. I still check if there are comments and all but posting is really a chore especially in such a busy time for a college student. See ya guys soon! 🙂

Jung Il Woo for Cosmopolitan April 2011

One word: HOT! The Scheduler from 49 Days is so oozing with everything! HAHAHA! Pictures!


I seriously stared at that small amount of chest/neck skin exposed for a long time. I can’t possibly fathom how it looks so good. Am I too weird right now? HAHAHAHA! Jung Il Woo = perfect chest!

Check out what’s under the cut! 🙂

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Sad Playlist #1!

As the title says! These are the songs that I listen to when I feel like thinking about stuff. Haha! :)) Usually slow or if it’s upbeat, the message is just sad. T_T Or if not, it makes me feel sad or cry. HUHU

1. Down by Jason Walker

2. Ashita Hareru Kana by Keisuke Kawata

3. One More Time, One More Chance by Masayoshi Yamazaki [I cry every SINGLE time I hear this song. T_T Not exaggerating. Especially if you read the lyrics, GAHD. I heard this from the movie-anime 5 centimeters per second and the scenes that accompanied this song? Seriously, that movie, I bawled too much the memory’s still fresh. Like, shit, seriously, this is the most heartbreaking song EVER.]

4. This Ain’t A Love Song by Scouting for Girls

5. Hands Down by Dashboard Confessional

6. If You Come Into My Heart by MBLAQ featuring C-Luv

7. Maddie kthx by Stay

8. Waiting for the Time by Jang Geun Seuk

9. Thinking of Noona (Piano) from Shining Inheritance

10. Goodbye Days by YUI

Happy Playlist #1!

So yeah, the title says it all. These are some of my happy songs and they make me smile! Really busy right now, just sneaking a post to stay sane. :)) I’ve included Youtube links to the songs so if you want to listen, just click ittt! 😀 Most are in English but I included some Korean and Japanese songs as well. Minimal. But gosh, I freakin’ love those songs! They are my go-to for happiness! These are in no particular order because that would be SO HARD.

1. She’s Got You High by Mumm-ra

2. When Did Your Heart Go Missing by Rooney

3. You Make My Dreams by Hall & Oates

4. Shut Up and Smile by Bowling for Soup

5. My Sunshine by ROCK’A’TRENCH

6. Ikenai Taiyou by Orange Range

7. Heartbeat by Scouting for Girls

8. Smile by Uncle Kracker

9. Let’s Fall in Love Again by Jason Castro

10. Sunset Glow by Big Bang


I did not include any songs of The Hoosiers because that’s a given. I’ll prolly make a The Hoosiers playlist soon! 😀

The Horror!

My 10-movies-a-month mission! I lack 2 movies for February so I said I’ll watch 12 this March. BUT NO! When I checked this post, I have only seen two movies this March! I tried remembering if I’ve seen one this March that I just forgot to post but there’s none! Well, not surprising since March is hell month since the semester’s ending. So I guess I’ll just catch up when school ends and summer starts! So excited! Last two days of classes and a week of finals! WOOHOO!

P.S. I haven’t finished doing the category-tag business so my posts are kinda all over the place. Really sorry about that. Safe to just click the tags or what. I’ll finish that soon, when school ends. 🙂

New Feature: Playlists!

Since I’m desperate to be a better blogger, I thought of this new feature! I’ll be posting random playlists! I guess 10 songs per playlist. It can be by artists, or by genre or by when I listen to that song. Hope to accomplish this! 😀

Yoo Ah In for Z-ZIN Magazine Photoshoot Video

Though I would like to unsee some of his Z-ZIN pictures, topless! Yoo! Ah! In! cannot be unseen! BWAHAHAHAHAHA ENJOY! ❤