Baby Good Night – GD&TOP MV

Will post what I think after I watch it! 😀 But I’m sure this is AWESOME sauce. 😛

OMAYGEEEEHHHHHDDDDDDD. GD’s face was so smooth and clean and clear and perfectly moisturized. I won’t spazz about TOP much because he’s his usual perfect self but GDDDDDDDDDDDD! For once, you’re wearing normal clothes and cute sleepwear at that! And for once, your hair LOOKS SOOOOOOOOO GOOOOOOOOOOOD, GAAAAAAAAHHHHH! I mean, normal HOT hairstyle? I think you’ve had normal hairstyles before but they were really rare that this is GOLD. And the suit at the start! Weehoo!

Okay, enough about GD. I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE this song. It’s my first time listening to it (I know, BAD FAN, but too busy with school) and I loved it immediately. It’s a hiphop/rap song but it’s soothing. I think that’s DOPE AND COOL AND AMAZING all at the same time (duh, they’re synonyms HAHA). Anyway, the MV as usual is of high quality. The snake part, yeah, the things it imply. HAHA! YG, especially GD&TOP, do A LOT of these symbolisms or visual play, I dunno what it’s called. Whatever. And I think that makes the MV really really good. I mean, where on Earth would you get MVs like that?

My only complaint about this MV is that it sounded so, short? I mean, really. Not just because I’m a fangirl (that’s why I found it short), but it really SOUNDED/LOOKED short. Whatever. Haha!


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