My Princess Couple Stills


I didn’t even bothered looking at Song Seung Heon because my eyes were fixed on Kim Tae Hee’s gorgeous, beautiful and cute face. (Okay, I did look, a LITTLE bit. I swear on the LITTLE part.) Kim Tae Hee is so cute and princess-y for words I want to print these pics and post it in my yet-unnamed future daughter’s room with all the hearts and butterflies and tell her that Disney princesses are so history and this is what a real princess looks like. Maybe an exaggeration, we’ll never/in decades know. (Well, if I will not have a daughter and instead a future son named Vito or Bryce or Ethan and yes, I’m indecisive like that and yes, I’m weird like that, having thought about names for my son, I’ll have this printed too and tell him that it’s his mom’s long lost sister. Whatever with my makjang mind. Haha!)

Anyway, this set of photos makes me want January 5 to come around soon so I can watch these pretty faces. šŸ˜› Click after the cut! (You are seriously voiding your life of eyecandy if you’re not even taking a peek!)



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