How Kim Gab Soo got me floored or How Kim Gab Soo is the Best Ahjusshi in KDramaland

Judge for yourself because I got some chores to do aka peeling myself from the floor from fits of laughter, shock, admiration, idolization and whatever words I can’t get out when you see Kim Gab Soo dressed like Ga In in Abracadabra.


I warned you! Well, not really but come on, dear reader, you have to gain your consciousness from whatever reason it left you. Mine left because my brain went blank and Kim Gab Soo = awesome = best are just the thoughts that flashed.


I’m so laughing right now and honestly ooh-ing because hadn’t mentioned, I would have a hard time recognizing him! And I, for one, would never even thought in a million years that Kim Gab Soo will be dressed like this. Ever. And so, it comes as a big surprise and a big treat! HAHA!

He uploaded these pictures of himself dressed as a girl and said that he needed to dress like a girl for All My Love, the sitcom he is starring as the dad also starring Jokwon, Ga In and Doojoon. ❤

I honestly don’t know in what category this belongs to. Haha!

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