Song Joong Ki Random Post #1


I am guilty of staring at their pretty faces for an awkwardly long time. Haha! I adore Kim Byul ever since I saw her in Baby and Me with the cute-then (because he’s hot now! HAHA!) Jang Geun Seuk. She is so cute! And now, partnered with Song Joong Ki for the Fujifilm Instax CF that I posted before HERE, they’re all sorts of cute and adorable! They are like the fair-skinned, pretty, cute and adorable couple. I want more pictures like this! Be couples please! Even in just a drama or a film and have this cute bickering banter foshizzle and I’ll be one happy girl. ❤

Or just have kids together and make your kid appear in Hello Baby. Haha! Okay, this is going nowhere but that’s the purpose! I need to talk but I got nothing really post-worthy to post so random posts yey! I’ll be searching for more Instax pictures. :DD


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