Yoo Ah In is IU’s Ideal Man!

Hear ye, hear ye!

Super adorable and cute and talented girl, IU, admitted that Yoo Ah In is her ideal man!

Translated by jaeshinah. From yooahinhaven@wordpress. Source: Star News Today

“These days, I’ve completely fallen for Yoo Ah In-ssi.”

Singer IU has caused a commotion by confessing her ideal type.

IU, who is busy preparing for her upcoming comeback, honestly revealed her ideal type during the recording for the talk show ‘Hello.’

IU’s ideal type is no other than Yoo Ah In, whose role as Guh-roh Moon Jaeshin in KBS 2TV’s ‘Sungkyunkwan Scandal’ has given rise to many afflicted with ‘Guh-roh Ache.’

During the recording, the MC’s asked IU about her ideal type, to which she replied, “These days, I’ve completely fallen for Yoo Ah In-ssi,” and “I had a fun time watching Sungkyunkwan Scandal, and among the characters I liked Yoo Ah In best,” revealing her feelings.

As IU’s confession became known, netizens responded, “I also understand how she feels. I am still suffering from ‘Guh-roh Ache,’” and “IU, can you not like Guh-roh and like me instead?” showing many different reactions.

IU’s confession of her ideal type will air on the 6th.

Can you blame her? Who didn’t fell in love with Yoo Ah In in Sungkyunkwan Scandal? I don’t see any hands! Coz there’s NO ONE. Everyone loves Yoo Ah In. I am so happy. ❤



  1. Hahahaa of course she will fallin in ♥ with yoo ah in a.k.a moon jae shin. Every girls in the world will be loves him. And me? I’m really-really-addicted with those guys ! Hahahaha



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