Recap: Marry Me, Mary/Mary Stayed Out All Night Episode 5

Sorry. This was long overdue but I was too lazy to write. I used up all of my energy spazzing and squealing while watching episode 5 that I cannot come up with a post. I think I’ve watched the whole episode at least 5 times and the ending scene a lot more than that. Heehee. Anyway, onto my views!


The love triangle! And yeah, I don’t consider Seo Jun a threat. Haha!

Okay, fine, Jung In is really too polite and reactionless and emotionless and stiff as of know but that bit in leaving Mae Ri a memo was CUTE. He is such a busy person but he still took time to decide how to leave her a note to make sure she’ll be able to read it. Then the part where everyone’s confused if he was annoyed or happy wherein he touched his temples as if he has a headache but then he smiled. I think he’s just embarassed that Mae Ri caught him leaving the note. I mean, come on, guys don’t want to show that they actually care. Or how they were actually leaving a note. And how funny that leaving notes is a totally girly thing? But that has no point because this is not Secret Garden. Haha! Back to Jung In. But then he smiled because maybe he’s happy that the message was surely delivered and that Mae Ri will be going with him to work.

After the cut because this post is 3500+ words!

How AWKWARD is that car ride? HAHAHAHA I totally know that feeling, being with someone you’re not familiar with but have to talk to. I bet there’s a million things racing in Jung In’s mind on what topic that will start the conversation. Well, if you’re wooing her, you need to actually talk!

Although Jung In was cute, it cannot beat Mu Gyul’s increasing awareness of Mae Ri and i-miss-Mae-Ri-ness. He thinks back to Mae Ri’s “saranghae” and draws a cat (A CUTE ONE AT THAT) with a Merry Christmas thought bubble. Weehee! Thinking about Mae Ri is the first step to total falling in the cliff of KDRAMA LOVE. :))

GRRRRR Seo Jun is all I’m gonna say. Ugh. Her fashion sense puzzles me so much that it contorts my cerebrum, unabling me to think and be forgiving. Is she a hooker? What with the long dress with the ala-King-Tut gold accessories. And her make-up too! I know she dated Mu Gyul before so she has this sorta indie-rocker Hongdae vibe too but lose that make-up! I dunno but I do not find Mae Ri and Mu Gyul’s boho look such an eyesore. (Jang Geun Seuk’s personal fashion sense is a different story that I wouldn’t like to discuss.) I actually find it cute! Or maybe it’s just me, envious of their winter clothes and how thay can pile on as many as they want. Grawr leaving in an ALWAYS-HOT country. Oh well.

Mae Ri is one smart girl as she “fixes” ad “dusts” Jung In’s tie and suit. I was hoping for a beat where Jung In sees Mae Ri differently because of the sudden “intimacy”of fixing one’s tie which is a thing done by wives. But nothing. He was more of curious why she’s doing this which is right because WHY WOULD A GIRL WHO REFUSES YOU DO THAT SUDDENLY?

And while I am wondering how good of an actor Kim Jae Wook and Moon Geun Young are because of this gif.


They’re really different off-screen and it makes me think how can they change when the cameras are rolling. And yeah, I just have to post that gif. 😛 If only Jung In will smile more. Oh well. Back to the episode! Haha!

After sending Seo Jun off, Mae Ri suddenly launches and hugs Mu Gyul with the “jagi-yaaaaaaaa”. Haha! She questions him what’s with Seo Jun but he just shrugs her off and says that it’s cold and they should talk inside. WOAH WITH TALKING. He didn’t shrugged her off for good! He wants her company! Haha! They’re cute being linked to each other and going inside when Jung In, with the TV, goes after them. Which makes Mu Gyul pissed.

Well, I’d be pissed off too if my rival will bring my wife to my home and inspecting how I live for his drama. While Mae Ri is busy picking up the crumpled paper Mu Gyul produced while frustratingly writing lyrics/composing, Jung In notes that this is better than he expected – an indie musician’s home. Mu Gyul is more pissed now than ever because how can he look down on them? Since he’s pissy, he yells at Mae Ri that when will she go to work? Mae Ri tells him that the Director (SHE ALWAYS CALL HIM DIRECTOR. NOT JUNG IN. BWAHAHAHAHA) told her that she can come later. Mu Gyul gets pissier, sorta yelling this: “Is your company a playground? Even if you are the Director, shouldn’t you set some boundaries in place? Some days you let her go early, others you take her away as soon as she’s off. Are you working or dating here?”

Oooohh, I completely forgot that he isn’t in the know about Jung In being serious about pursuing Mae Ri! So Jung In says that he is now serious and waves the legality of his marriage to Mae Ri in the air, threatening him and telling him to be nervous. And he leaves. MU GYUL IS SO PISSED THAT HE KICKS THE TV. Haha!

This part is sorta funny! 😛

Mu Gyul: Ay, what’s with him? Why is he acting like that now? Did something happen between you two?

Mae Ri: How could that be. What’s with you anyway? Why are you getting so upset?

Mu Gyul: When did I get upset?!

Mae Ri: Right now!

Haha! Oh, so you’re not upset but you’re yelling? Haha!

Mu Gyul now knows that Seo Jun is starring in Jung In’s drama and Mae Ri tells him to be careful.

Mae Ri gets to work and is happy that Jung In is giving her actual work to do. He makes her check the drama and tell him what to edit with the drama. He asks her out to lunch. Yey for work and some movement in their side of the triangle! (Jung In and Mu Gyul’s side of the triangle, I will not discuss although that can also happen given that the script and their actions can be double entendre. HAHAHAHA)

Mae Ri defensively tells him that she will not be swayed by anything. He tells her that they’ll have lunch together everyday. YIHEE! ❤

Mae Ri asks Jung In why are they the only people in the restaurant? Did he possibly reserve the restaurant? He asks why and she explains that in dramas, when a guy is proposing to the girl, he reserves a whole restaurant – and she stops as she hears footsteps entering the restau and the staff’s greetings. Jung In smiles at this and probably finds it cute that Mae Ri’s thinking things like that while she’s mightily embarrassed. The scriptwriter is now here (DAE WOONG’S AUNT HAHAHAHAHAHA) and blahblahblah business.

Next scene, we see Mae Ri and Mu Gyul hanging out and she reads the note supposedly Jung In will leave for her. MU GYUL IS JEALOUS BUT DOESN’T ACKNOWLEDGE IT YET and sings bad things about Jung In. Mae Ri defends Jung In saying that her first impression was wrong and that he’s actually good because he gave her true work already! Mu Gyul is just so jealous I am squeeing! Hahahaha! Mae Ri asks him if he’s jealous and obviously, Mu Gyul denies it. Well, deny it baby because you still don’t know that ya jealous, eh? :)) He says that boys know boys better than anyone and warns her as a brother that Jung In is really suspicious. STOP SAYING YOU’RE LIKE SIBLINGS BECAUSE YOU ARE NOT! GAH! He decides that it’s too cold for a live performance and abruptly stands up, making Mae Ri fall and lie down because she leaned on him. Haha! It really amazes me how cute they are!

Mae Ri cooks for Mu Gyul and Mu Gyul, as if he had never eaten homecooked food, which I think is true, eats fastly and praises Mae Ri that it’s really delicious. She makes her eat slowly and eat more and he notes that she’s like a mom, no, a wife but she tells him that she’s his noona. NO, YOU ARE HIS WIFE! GAAAAAH! HAHAHAHAHA!

Mu Gyul’s mom comes and my mood went GRRRRRRRRR. Anyway she asks Mu Gyul for money. You left your son and he supports himself barely and now you ASKS FOR MONEY? GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR. But she catches Mu Gyul and Mae Ri eating a homecooked meal together and asks if they live together? And again, they deny it but she doesn’t care a bit because well, she’s open-minded, I think.

Jung In’s father makes Mae Ri have a make-over and doesn’t let Mae Ri do any chores because he just got Jung In and Mae Ri a housekeeper. Mae Ri and Jung In go to a restaurant and Mae Ri can’t quite go up the steps because she isn’t used to high heels so Jung In helps her by holding her hand and guiding her. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA I WAS TOO GIDDY AT THIS POINT, WHAT WITH ALL THE HAND-HOLDING AND NOT WRIST-GRABBING. ❤

And this is when Mae Ri’s friends spot her with Jung In and is shocked because Mae Ri is so pretty with the wardrobe and hair makeover and that her legal husband was actually VERY HANDSOME. I agree, very handsome with cheekbones, okay, imma stop. And jawline and collar bones. I will really stop.

The four of them eat together and hijinks ensue as her friends accidentally spilled that Mae Ri has never fallen in love before. Jung In is really perceptive and finds it odd but Mae Ri cleans up after their mess by saying that Mu Gyul is her first love. Jung In stands up to take a call, WHAT A PLOT DEVICE TO LET THE GIRLS HAVE SOME GIRL TALK. Mae Ri’s friends divide into Team Jung In and Team Mu Gyul. Team Jung In tells her to be practical and to marry the guy with the money. He’s handsome too so what’s to lose? Team Mu Gyul argues that an artist is better because he is sexy and she needs love and artistry than money. Haha! They debate and Jung In comes back blahblah. HAHAHAHAHA =))

Jung In’s dad continues with the makeover and gets Mae Ri’s dad to have a suit and tells him to go diet so that the suit will fit him. Seo Jun convinces Mu Gyul to go make the OST for her drama but Mu Gyul says no. He asks Seo Jun when is she gonna leave when he noticed that Mae Ri will be coming soon. The landlady comes and he forces Seo Jun to leave. Mae Ri sees Seo Jun and hides her face. The landlady tells Mu gyul that his girlfriend paid for the rent. Mae Ri enters the house and the landlady tells them that if something is broken during their stay, she’ll deduct it from the deposit.

Mu Gyul is angry at Mae Ri for paying the rent but she retorts that she’s his roommate. If he has pride, she has pride too and she doesn’t want him shoving her away every time. He writes a promissory note that he’ll pay immediately but she refuses and tells him to pay back slowly and she’s now an official resident. She promises to clean and cook and that she will not bother him. He tells her to make sure it’ from 4-10 pm only. AND WHO REMEMBERS THAT THE TIME SPENT WITH HIM WAS CHANGED AND IS NOW LONGER? HAHAHAHA!

Mae Ri’s dad go to Mu Gyul to give him a one-way ticket to Japan and money so that he’ll leave Mae Ri. Meanwhile, Jung In’s dad is having juice with Mae Ri and Mae Ri tells him to stop giving presents. Just tell her about her mother. WHICH WHEN HE DOES IS FREAKY BECAUSE HE DESCRIBES HER AS SUNSHINE. OMONA. Jung In catches sight of his father laughing with Mae Ri, again.

Mu Gyul and Mae Ri’s dad end up drinking! Mae Ri’s dad drinks as he despairs that Mu Gyul doesn’t love Mae Ri after Mu Gyul didn’t answer his question if he loves Mae Ri. HE IS CONFUSED YA KNOW. Mu Gyul asks him to speak informally but Mae Ri’s dad tells him that he can’t do that with someone he’s uncomfy with which makes Mu Gyul remember Mae Ri saying the exact same thing which forces him to a laughing fit. Haha! Mae Ri’s dad is so sad that he needs to diet but he still drinks beer. Haha! Mu Gyul ends up bringing his father-in-law home.


This part is so funny because Mu Gyul is so skinny that he’s having a hard time supporting Mae Ri’s dad. Mae Ri’s dad asks him to stop so that he can pee in a post and Mu Gyul is surprised that he’ll pee again, making us understand that Mary’s dad peed a lot of times already. Two girls see this and Mu Gyul just covers his face with his hair in embarrassment. So YOUR HAIR IS SO HANDY AFTER ALL. =)) Jung In brings Mae Ri home and they see her dad and Mu Gyul trudging back home.

I guess you just have to watch this part because this is so funny. I think my skills can’t describe this. 😛

Right before they get to the house, Mae Ri’s dad collapses on Mu Gyul, and we see Mu Gyul crushed by his drunk father-in-law.

Jung In gamely greets Mae Ri’s dad with a “father” honorific, and Mu Gyul notes what liberties Jung In is taking to assert his position as the son-in-law. Jung In offers to piggyback Mae Ri’s dad, and Mu Gyul mutters under his breath that it can’t be done. The next thing, Jung In and Mae Ri’s dad has gone down and Mu Gyul’s is dying with laughter just pointing at them.

THIS IS REALLY HILARIOUS AND CRACKTASTIC that maybe this is the only scene with Mae Ri’s dad that I love. Haha! The two son-in-laws help him walk til they get home. But that’s not it because Dad vomits on Mu Gyul HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Jung In tucks father-in-law to bed while Mae Ri tells Mu Gyul a thousand sorries. Mu Gyul is really pissed and ended up yelling at Mae Ri telling her when is this gonna stop and Jung In sees all of this.

The next day Mae Ri sees the plane ticket Dad offered to Mu Gyul and rushes to Mu Gyul’s house to ask for forgiveness. He’s pretty resigned today and just tells her that they ought to stop this and stands up to change clothes just as Mae Ri sees his upper body naked and covers her eyes. She wants to see it but decides against it. Haha! JGS is so skinny! </3

Just when Mu Gyul leaves, her mother comes and asks Mae Ri to buy chocolate ice cream when told that Mae Ri’s going to the grocery. GRRRRRRRRRRR. She asks Mae Ri if she knows how to make cubed pickled radish and the next thing we see is Mae Ri is doing radish kimchi. Lots of it while she’s eating ice cream and watching drama. I really wanna hurl lots of icky stuff at Mu Gyul’s “MOTHER”.

Ugh, I’ll just tell you about the stuff that I like next time because recaps are so tiring. I wonder why suddenly instead of an opinioncap, I made a recap, unbeknownst even to myself. I didn’t know I’ll end up writing a recap! I guess it’s because this is long overdue and this is my way of getting back for the lateness? Urgh.

Seo Jun persuades MG to sign the contract. He comes back from drinking with her and his bandmates and Mary sees them in SJ’s car and she’s not that happy that he just went drinking while she made all those kimchi for his mother and for being a slave. She leaves. MG enters his home to see his mother eating noodles and asks where Mae Ri went and tells him that she left after making the pickled radishes. He’s bewildered that his mother asked Mary to make all of those. He tried calling her but he can’t contact her.

I can’t type anymore so I just took ockoala’s recaps for this last part. So sorry for that. I’m actually having a headache now. I think I’m drowning at the number of words I typed.

The next day, Mu Gyul goes to see Jung In. Mu Gyul’s not interested in the compensation, his sole contractual term is that all his songs must be sung by the band. Jung In agrees to let the band sing one song, but if they don’t perform up to his standards, he reserves the right to bring in a professional group. This pisses off Mu Gyul, who hates being told what to do.

Mu Gyul stands up to leave, and he and Jung In are giving each other stares that go way beyond this contract. Seo Jun notices the undercurrent of rivalry, but can’t understand what’s going on. Mae Ri picks this second to walk into the office, and Mu Gyul sees his always mis-matched Merry Christmas dressed like a Chanel model wife. His mood is taking a further tumble.

Seo Jun and Jung In leave to discuss some drama matters, and Mae Ri calls Mu Gyul out to talk. She asks him why he didn’t discuss this proposal with her first, and he rightfully notes that she wasn’t answering his calls last night. He apologizes for his mom, conceding that Mae Ri was probably mad at him for taking care of his demanding mother all day. Mae Ri accepts the apology, and notes that Mu Gyul was mad at her earlier for taking care of her dad. So they are now even.

Mae Ri asks Mu Gyul not to sign the contract, and he tells her that it’s his own life and he can make his own decisions. He then makes a pointed dig at her name brand attire, telling her it doesn’t suit her. When Mae Ri gets insulted, telling him that everything thinks she looks pretty, Mu Gyul furthers the insult by saying that she’s just like all the other girls, loves the name brands. Mae Ri just ends that discussion by saying Mu Gyul knows she’s not like that, if she was, she wouldn’t have gotten fake married to him. She would have just happily married the rich Jung In.

Jung In comes in, and Mu Gyul flatly tells him he won’t sign the contract. He leaves, but not before being seen by the bitch manager, who Mu Gyul had paid off with penalty money in episode 1. She badmouths Mu Gyul as a money-grubbing performer to Jung In. She then goes to threaten Mu Gyul, claiming that he has no proof that he paid her the penalty money, so their contract is still valid.

Mae Ri and Jung In are driving to Mu Gyul’s place – Jung In wants Mae Ri to convince Mu Gyul to sign the contract. He promises it won’t affect their precarious situation, Mu Gyul is the music producer and won’t have any contact with Mae Ri. He then logically wonders why Mae Ri is so surprised about Mu Gyul considering signing the contract. Don’t they discuss everything first?

Mae Ri tries to explain that they did discuss it, which is why Mu Gyul refused to sign at the end. But Jung In is not as dumb as a doorpost, and calmly notes that something odd is going on between Mu Gyul and Mae Ri. Mu Gyul is sitting on the swing, with his head down contemplating the crappy situation he’s got going on all around him. Poor baby, you need your Merry Christmas right about now.

Right on cue, Mae Ri comes running in calling to her chagi. He asks her what she’s doing here. He needs some peace and quiet to think through some things. She tells him that Jung In is suspecting their claim of being in love, since they don’t act lovey-dovey around each other. She asks Mu Gyul to please do something to convince Jung In, who is about to walk in.

Jung In walks in and Mae Ri immediately grabs her Mu Gyul’s arm like a cat and plasters on a cute loving smile. Mu Gyul, who’s still in a beyond pissy mood, asks Jung In: “So you want to do your best to pursue her? You want me to be nervous?” Mu Gyul then turns his Merry Christmas around and leans in to kiss her! Jung In, your serve has officially been returned!

Just watch for more effect!

That manager needs to be thrown off to Pluto! GRRRRRRRRRRRR! And I can’t comment enough on the kiss because I can’t type because I’m a melted fangirl on the floor. Haha! Hate it that there’s no Episode 6! I went berserk and crazy this week because of the lack of Episode 6 and the TOO-MUCH-OF-A-CLIFFHANGER ending of Episode 5. Serious-leh, I was shaking my friends as if they can produce Episode 6 out of thin air. HAHAHAHAHA! This drama makes me sit right at the edge of my sanity. HAHAHAHA! So excited for Episode 6!


    1. Omo, I’m glad that you love the recap I made. No not glad, but ecstatic, more of I’m floating in the sky. You see, comments are rare on my blog, especially one about loving a recap. There are lots of recaps out there but you still read mine and commented. Because of you, I’ll strive hard to keep up and post recaps asap! ❤



  1. woaah I like your kim jae wook ‘n Moon geun Young’s gif since I’m his fans kkk. Most of MSOAN’s viewer want Mo Gyul to be Mary’s lover but me want the opposite haha *punched by Mo Gyul’s team*
    well i’m glad to find your blog… very interesting..thank you ^_^



    1. No, we won’t punch. Everyone’s entitled to their own OTP. Haha! I’m sorry but I’m a Mae Ri-Mu Gyul shipper. Haha! Thanks for reading my entry and dropping a comment! See you around here? 😛 Keep on commenting because it makes me feel alive. No, I’m serious. ❤



  2. i’ll make ya feel you’re needed. ITS SERIOUSLY A LONG POST HOW CAN U HAVE TIME???? amazing dedication.

    i dont read everyting like seriously, i skim through but YEAH YOURE HILARIOUS ESP THE GIF. i knowww i agree w the other commentor in the end i begun to hate like really hate mary’s dependentness to mugyeol but it ended so nicely ;’D
    happy watcher.
    but i wanted to bang mary’s head for being such mugyeol licker. grrrrrr. beokkigayo! 😛



    1. OMG I’m so giddy because of your comment! Seriously, thanks and aaaaaaawwww. Haha! I guess I was able to do this post because of my love for Mary Stayed Out All Night. But after this, I got busy and lazy so I wasn’t able to do recaps anymore.

      Yeah, it’s okay that you didn’t read all of it because IT’S SO LONG! I need to learn the art of concise recaps! Haha! If you really thought I was hilarious, I HEART YOOOOOOOOOOUUUUUU. ❤

      All I can think of when I hear/read "beokkigayo" is GD&TOP's double double combo HAHA 😛

      Tons of thanks for commenting and reading! ❤



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