Recap: Mary Stayed Out All Night/Marry Me, Mary Episode 1

No, I cannot write a recap because I don’t understand a thing. I livestreamed the premier episode a while ago and should have posted this immediately. Oh well. THIS DRAMA IS SO CUTE! Maybe that cuteness can be attributed to Moon Geun Young’s portrayal of Mae Ri. MGY is too cute and bubbly. Ack, I love her! She gave life to Mae Ri and is doing a good job. Jang Geun Seuk is not mean here and he seems comfortable with Mae Ri. THERE ARE LOTS OF SKINSHIP FOR TWO STRANGERS. A kiss on the forehead, forehead fight for ramen, “bouquet” giving and many many more! AAAAAAAAAAAAA my heart was jumping when I watched this. Really excited for Episode 2! Though I find Mae Ri’s father’s scenes boring because I know what’s gonna happen and I don’t wanna see it for so long. HAHA!

GeunGeun couple, jjang! They are too cute! It is beyond words. ❤

My favorite scenes from Episode 1!

Here’s the scene where they’re fighting for ramen. UGH SO CUTE, THESE TWO. ❤

When they were drunk and Mu Gyul hugged Mae Ri, kissed her forehead, Mae Ri daydreaming, Mu Gyul giving a bouquet. AAAAAAAAAAAA  <333333

I’m not into this show as far as being into and addicted but I’m certain I’ll be watching it.

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